Should You Use Search Engine Submitter Software? Magic Submitter Review

When it comes to internet marketing, there are a lot of products online. A search engine submitter software claims to help you rank higher in Google by providing more backlinks to your site. Should you buy it? Should you use it? As a new marketer viewing their sales page, you may think that it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. While it does work effectively, I am not giving it flying colors just yet.

Magic Submitter Review

Name: Magic Submitter


Price: $4.95 then $67/month

Owners: Alex Krulik

Overall Rank: 60 out of 100

Magic Submitter, Product Overview

Magic Submitter is an article submission software. The goal of this software is to create backlinks to your website. It will spin your articles and submit them to multiple different article sites and search engines. It automatically creates hundreds of accounts for you and verifies them for you. Article submitter will spin your articles for 100% original content.

Article submitter will deal with those nasty captchas for you.

It automatically sets up backlink campaigns that run for weeks. It will ping and backlink your submissions.

Article submitter also instantly creates reports of the article submissions and acceptances. Your content may appear on blog sites, article sites, forums, press release sites, micro blogs and niche sites.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1: This software does work. It will spin articles for you and it will submit them to article directories.

PRO #2: The software is relatively affordable for the first month. You can get a lot of mileage out of a month’s worth of submissions. However, if your site isn’t already ranking in Google, this is no real guarantee that you’ll make it to a first page ranking.

PRO #3: Your content will be submitted to over 2000 different content and social media sites. It takes care of the captchas, so you don’t have to worry about those and spend time on them.

The Bad:


CON #1: The search engine algorhythms aren’t giving backlinks as much value as they once did when determining the ranking of a website. This technology is rather dated and not as useful as it once was.

CON #2: Having thousands of articles submitted does not mean that they will show up in search engines. If there is duplicate content, only the first one will show up. You could be penalized for submitting duplicate content.

Who is Magic Submitter for?

Magic Submitter was created for the professional affiliate marketer who wanted a leg up on the competition and a super fast way to achieve first page rankings in Google. Now its usefulness may be in to the search engine specialists that work on getting first page rankings for businesses.

Magic Submitter hasn’t kept up with search engine algorhythms. Search engines have been adjusted to look for more than simply backlinks to a website. Having a new site with thousands of backlinks to it may actually be a red flag for search engines.


Magic Submitter Tools & Training

Magic Submitter comes with free support, over 60 training videos, a monthly live coaching call, and interactive forums where some of the most talented and productive SEO marketers interact. You should easily be able to discover how to use this tool and determine if it is right for you within the month that it is only $4.95. After that, the price goes up.

What is great about this is that there is a community of people who are using it. They can teach you how to get the most out of the product through

the interactive forums, monthly coaching and training. However, I suspect, you’ll still have to become very active with your social media in order to rank well.

Magic Submitter Support
You can get support for the magic submitter software from the free support desk. They are more than willing to answer any of your technical questions. They do provide free software updates to ensure that the software will work for you.

You can contact support at if you have any questions, comments or concerns. You can also contact support through skype – okrulik. They do have a money back guarantee and this is the email that you use if you want to take advantage of that!

Magic Submitter Price

The price of Magic Submitter is $4.95 for the first 30 days and then $67 each month after that. In my opinion, this product is overpriced. You are getting training on a software that create backlinks. You are better off getting the most up to date affiliate marketing training from Wealthy Affiliate at $49 per month and submitting your sitemap to google yourself. It doesn’t take very long at all.


My Final Opinion of Magic Submitter

Magic submitter is an effective software at spinning articles and creating backlinks to your website. However, I think that this is dated technology. Search engines are looking for more than simply backlinks to websites in order to rank them. They are also looking for quality content, social media shares and likes as well as comments and interaction on your website.

While magic submitter was a great product a few years ago, it has not kept up. However, if you are active in the forums, you can discover ways to maximize the usefulness of article submission in your online marketing campaigns.

Magic Submitter at a Glance…

Name: Magic Submitter


Owners: Alex Krulik

Price: $4.95 then $67 per month

Overall Scam Rank: 60 out of 100


This is one product that I think is no longer necessary to rank well in Google. I think affiliate marketers are better off going to Wealthy Affiliate and going through the training of how to improve your rank. Search engines are getting smarter. While you may gain a few article hits, you are better off creating more quality content on your main website and sharing it via social media.

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How to Become a Clickbank Affiliate – 5 Simple Steps

Clickbank offers a lot of opportunity to make money online. The products on clickbank are digital products that are usually simple downloads. Due to the fast and inexpensive nature of delivery, clickbank is one of the highest paying affiliate networks around. It is also one of the easiest to qualify for and to make money from! Whether your website is about dating, internet marketing, health and wellness or creating art, there are products on clickbank that your audience will be interested in discovering and you can make money with your affiliate link!

Step 1: Go to the Website.

First and foremost, you will want to go to the website, From this page, you will click on Create and Account. The Create Account link is the big gray button in the upper right-hand corner. This will take you to the next step, which is entering your personal information.

Step 2: Enter Your Personal Information

You do need to enter your personal information when signing up for an affiliate program. The Create Account link is so they know that you are a real person and they can pay you. Clickbank requests your name, email address, phone number, and physical address.


Step 3: Enter Your Banking Information and Tax ID

Many people do not like to give out their banking information and for good reason, there are a lot of people who may try to hack into your account. However, Clickbank is a reputable business. I have earned money from them and received checks from them. Other internet marketers have done so as well. Clickbank has been around for many years and is a very trusted affiliate network. Luckily, you don’t have to enter your bank account information, just the bank that use.

They do ask for your tax ID number, which is going to be either your business tax ID number or your social security number. The Create Account link is for tax purposes, so the government can take their share of what you earn. It isn’t fun, but it is required.


Step 4: Receive Your Account Information

You will be assigned your affiliate code that goes on the end of the hop links. This allows for the tracking of sales and enables them to pay you affiliate commissions. It is that simple! Clickbank is one of the easiest affiliate networks to sign up for! You can start earning commissions right away.

Step 5: Start Earning Commissions with Clickbank

Becoming a clickbank affiliate is the easy part. The more difficult part is deciding what and how you are going to market your products. That is where wealthy affiliate can help you out. Many people sign up for affiliate programs, but then don’t follow through with the real work of creating content that sells the products.

Just sharing your affiliate link to your Facebook friends and family may get you a few sales, but you’ll really want to ramp up those sales. While there are thousands of products to choose from on clickbank, selecting the right one for your audience is one of the keys to your success.

When it comes to affiliate marketing there are two main routes to driving targeted traffic to your affiliate links. You can create pay per click advertisements and target the audience through advertising and you can become a content creator and use the power of search engine optimization to gain interest in your website where you strategically place your links.

Both techniques are very effective, but they do require you to learn how to effectively do them and master them. Wealthy affiliate is a great training resource to help you master the art of content creation along with affiliate link placement and learning how to drive traffic to your website.

Facebook rush is a good product for people who are interested in learning how to create effective affiliate marketing campaigns on Facebook quickly and effectively. It does require that you start out with a budget for your affiliate marketing campaigns though.

Pay per click requires you to start out with more money than time, whereas, creating content is great for those people who have more time than money and are a bit creative. Either one is acceptable to use with clickbank products!

You can even use a combination of the two and share your review of a clickbank product on social media while creating a boosted Facebook post that targets a certain group of individuals based on age, location and interests to maximize your results. Since I know that in the beginning, you will make a lot of mistakes, I chose to start with content creation to get an idea of what my target market was interested in purchasing from clickbank. It did take me a couple of months, but after reviewing a bunch of products, I found one that sells consistently. The wealthy affiliate training helped me to stick with it as I made mistakes along the way. The community support enabled me to make the corrections that I needed as I went along.

Becoming a clickbank affiliate is definitely worth your time and can add money to your pocketbook! I highly recommend it. It is simple and fast.





How to Get a First Page Ranking on Google in 24 hours

Getting ranked on the first page of google can make or break your business. It can mean the difference between making money and losing money. When people search for something on Google, it is unlikely that they look much beyond the first few search results on Google. Typically, the first few results are the only ones that people look at. They know that the results become less and less relevant on the lower rankings. Often, they discover the information that they were looking for on the first page of google.

Check Out Your Competition

If you want to get ranked on the first page on google, you are going to want to know who you are up against. If you are just starting out and your website is relatively new, you are not likely to bump big behemoth companies like Amazon. Unless you create a viral piece of content, it is unlikely that you will bump anything from the New York Times or the Washington Post out of the top slot.
Be realistic. Google ranks websites based on a variety of factors including the length of time that they have been on the internet, the amount of content, keywords and the amount of shares in social media your website is receiving. If you are trying to rank a brand new website, you are going to want to be finding low competition and high volume keywords. This gives you the best chance to rank in one of the first few slots in Google.

Place Keywords In the Right Place

You should have the keywords in the title. You should also have a solid first paragraph that includes the keywords, but make sure that you are not over stuffing the keywords into your writing. They should come naturally. Google has started to identify keyword stuffing, when the keyword makes up the majority of the paragraph, so avoid doing this.

If you are creating a video, make sure that the paragraph is about 100 words. For blog posts and website pages, you want to aim for at least 1000 words. This lets Google know that you are providing relevant content and now slapping up a website that is simply a landing page to sell something.

When you are creating a video that you would like to rank on the first page, make sure that you are saving the file with the keywords. This improves your chances of Google ranking you highly. If you are using pictures in your blog post, save the pictures using the keywords that you want to rank for in Google. This will make your content look even more relevant to Google.

Share It!

Share your content with your friends and family on social media. Google is now looking for content that is sharable. The more shares, likes and comments that you receive the better. Once you publish your post or video, share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and any other social media site that you are active on.

A great idea is to ask your friends to share your content with their friends. You may want to identify partners in your niche that write on a similar topic and have a large audience to promote your work. When I was writing my Amazon bestseller, I implemented this strategy with five other holistic healers to get my book to the top of its category in 24 hours. It worked like a charm!

Use Solid Keyword Research

There are people who have been online for decades and have large budgets to bump people out of the top spots for their most profitable keywords. Your goal as a newbie is to get to the top spot in keywords that don’t have a lot of competition yet, but still are relevant and have a lot of keywords searches each month.

Jaaxy is one of the best tools that you can use for keyword research. You should be aiming for 50-100 searches each month with competition below 50. This gives you the best chance at getting to the first page of Google for your keyword in the shortest amount of time. It is better to get a small amount of traffic consistently each month than to aim for keywords that have a few hundred searches, but never make it to the first page. Remember, people only tend to check out the first page results. Many people find what they need from the first page results and then move on.

If you discover that your keyword has more competition than you expected, keep digging! There are plenty of keyword phrases out there that have low competition and you can easily make it to the first page in Google when you create a quality piece of content.

A great idea, is to take some concepts that you were thinking were good keywords and type them into Google. See what pops up under the search bar. These are usually things that people have been searching for recently. Check out the competition on them. Adjust your keyword by adding extra words, “how to …” or adding “review” to it can narrow down the competition for you. People tend to be wary of scams, so they will often read content that hints at something being a scam. Most people want to get the biggest bang for their buck, when you review a product, add the “best” to it. For example, your title could be “best wrinkle cream ever” instead of just “wrinkle cream.”

Monitor Your Rankings

Once you have created excellent content and are ranking on the first page of Google, make sure that you stay relevant! You can do this by checking to make sure that you are still ranking on the first page of Google, updating your website frequently, asking for comments, likes and shares. You can get friends and family to do this easily. This will help you to continually get those visitors to your website and make the most of your search engine optimization efforts!





The Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review – Is it worth the cost?

If you are an affiliate marketer, you know how important keyword research is to your business. Therefore, you want to make sure that you have the most up to date keyword research. There is nothing more frustrating than spending an hour or two creating content with a specific keyword only to not get ranked because there is too much competition. I have used Jaaxy and can attest that it is one of the best keyword research tools out there.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review

Name: Jaaxy
Price: Free lite version, $19/month, $49/month Professional version
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Overall Rank: 95 out of 100

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool, Product Overview

The Jaaxy keyword research tool is a subscription based keyword search tool. It provides you updated information on the competition and search results for certain keywords.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1: Effectively finds keywords for you. Gives you the number of keyword searches per month as well as the likelihood of ranking for that keyword.
PRO #2: Reduces the amount of time that you spend searching for keyword ideas, so you can better utilize your time creating content that earns you money.
PRO #3: Identifies niche markets and affiliate products that are relevant to your keyword. This can save you tons of time when you are trying to get ideas to add to your website.

The Bad:

CON #1: There is a monthly cost to use Jaaxy. You can get the lite version free if you are a wealthy affiliate member.
CON #2: The amount of information that Jaaxy provides can be somewhat overwhelming to a newbie.

Who is Jaaxy For?

Jaaxy is for the serious affiliate marketer who wants to cut down his time searching for keywords. It is for the online author who is searching for his or her next search engine optimized title. It is also for the search engine optimization specialist who is optimizing business owner’s websites.

Jaaxy Tools & Training

There are some online videos that show you how to do searches on Jaaxy.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool  Support

The support offered with the product. Is there a community, forum, personal support, do the owners support it.

Jaaxy Price

Jaaxy has a lite version, which fits everyones budget. It is free with a free wealthy affiliate membership.

Jaaxy has a Pro version, which is ideal for new websites and brand new affiliate marketers. It is $19 a month. It includes the following –

Sortable Search Results Unlimited Search History Search Analysis Manual QSR Search Manual Domain Search Alphabet Soup (15/letter) 2x Multi-Threaded Search 2K SiteRank Analysis Scans
The Enterprise version is great for the person who spends a lot of time doing keyword research. Jaaxy will cut down this time considerably and provide excellent analysis of each keyword.  Included in the Enterprise package are 35 Search Results
 5x Speed
 Automated QSR
 Automated Domain Search
 Alphabet Soup (50/letter)
 5x Multi-Threaded Search
 Unlimited Keyword Lists
 10K SiteRank Analysis Scans

My Final Opinion of Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

As I tooled around and used the different features of Jaaxy, I discovered many different features and started to appreciate it more and more. I currently am only using the free or lite version as that is where I am with affiliate marketing right now. However, I can see that in a few months, I will want to invest in more in-depth keyword analysis.

There are endless ways to make money using the Jaaxy keyword tool. Not only through the affiliate marketing of products that you review on your website, but also by providing needed SEO research to businesses. You can create your own keyword lists to sell to individuals who are too lazy to do keyword research using the Jaaxy keyword research tool. You can also buy up domains and sell them based on the research that you do through Jaaxy. It is a wonderful keyword research tool.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool at a Glance…

Name: Jaaxy

Owners: Kyle and Carson
Price: varies – Free to $49
Overall Scam Rank: 95 out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT! As I was researching and using this product today, I absolutely fell in love with it! I can find so many different uses for it. 

Where To Find Free Pictures For Websites

For someone just getting started and creating a website, you’ll want to beautify that website with some pictures and graphics. The problem with stealing just anyone’s picture is that there are copyright laws. If you use someone else’s photo and generate massive success, it is highly likely that you will be hit with a lawsuit. You’ll have to turn over some of your earnings to the person whose photo or graphic you used.

Take Your Own

Everyone seems to have a camera now on their phones. You have the capability of taking pictures of items that you own around the house or that you use. You can go to the grocery store or the mall. You can snap a photo of the product while you are there. You can take photos of


elf using that brand new mixer that you want to promote on your website. When you a

re at the gym, you can take a picture of the treadmill that you just reviewed on your website.

Taking your own photos eliminates the worry of using someone else’s photo and


being sued. It helps you improve your photography skills. Having less than professional photos sometimes helps the reader to see that you are a real person providing a real review.

Your own photos give your website a more personal touch. The audienc


e will connect more with you when you share your own work. This is the best way to incorporate photos. However, if you don’t have a photo of the things that you want to represent on your site, you can rely on the following other methods.

Use Screenshots

This may be a little trickier for the beginning affiliate marketer, but it is a useful tool to have in your toolbox. Using screenshots to demonstrate what you are talking about can be very useful if you are describing how to do something on the internet, for example, how to comment on a facebook post.

Using a series of screenshots can allow you to take the reader step by step through the process with a visual. I personally use Jing, a free software that takes screenshots. If you are an affiliate and writing a review, you can take a screenshot of pictures that are already on the sales page without being penalized for it.


Stock Photo Resources

There are many photos online that you can use free if you know where to look! The advantage of using stock photos are that they tend to be more professional looking. They will give your post a more polished feel. This is great when you are promoting something that is a bit more upscale and expensive.

CC0 (Create Commons Zero Sites, free to use in any way you like)


Utilizing visuals in your websites goes a long way to making your website look more readable and appear more professional. You definitely want to make sure that you are using the best quality graphics on each of your posts and pages. However, you don’t want to get in trouble with copyright laws by stealing someone else’s creative work! Go the extra mile and take your own pictures and upload them to your computer or find some free stock photos that you are able to use on your website.






The Pros and Cons of Free Affiliate Marketing Training for Beginners

Score! You just found someone who is going to offering you free affiliate marketing training for beginners. That fits your budget. You are intrigued and enticed. However, you are probably savvy enough to know that nothing in life is free. He will probably try to upsell you on some additional training. That is the online business model. Get a taste of something and make a larger purchase down the line.

PRO #1: No Money Risked

This is perfect if you are broke! You can allocate your resources to things like food and shelter.

You can get a ton of free content online. There are loads of courses for affiliate marketing that you can download and watch to your hearts content. You don’t have to pay a dime. Your hard earned money can stay in your pocket for now. The people who offered the free training now have an interested potential customer, so watch out for upsells. Pay  attention to whether or not they are working on you! Do their sales pages lead you to want to buy something? Why or why not?

PRO #2: You Gain Valuable Information

Believe it or not, many free marketing tips online are very useful. A lot of markete

rs put their best food forward into their lead generation freebies. Take advantage of some of them and get ideas from them. Make sure that you are not copying their work, but just gaining inspiration from their ideas. (You definately don’t want a lawsuit for copyright infringement on your hands if you are pinching pennies and can’t afford affiliate marketing training.)

PRO #3: You Can Make Money

You can apply the free training and start making money online. You probably won‘t, but you could. The reason that most people won’t is because the free methods of building an online business and making money tend to require you to stick with it for a few months. It requires you to tweak what you are doing, ask some experts and other marketers for help when you get stuck or something isn’t working.

CON #1: Outdated Info

You have no idea if the information is up to date or not. Internet marketing methods change at lightning speeds. What is relevant one day, could be dated information the next day. Even in the premium version of wealthy affiliate, I have discovered older modules that needed some updating. While the information was still pertinent, the websites they referenced had been updated and some of the links were in a different place. I had to look around a bit to find them.

This happens with all affiliate marketing training, but especially the free versions. No one is going to be complaining and asking for a refund from the free version, so there is no motivation to keep it updated.

CON #2: No Feedback on Your Efforts

You won’t get great feedback when you get free affiliate marketing training. You can ask your friends and family members for feedback on your website, but usually they haven’t had any affiliate marketing training. It is best to ask people who are experienced. People who have struggled with affiliate marketing and come out on top will let you know what to expect. You can get that with the free training. Savvy internet marketers know that and they upsell you on overpriced coaching or their latest and greatest online course.

CON #3: No Skin in the Game

Because you didn’t put any skin in the game, it is easier to give up. When you put money on the line, your commitment level increases. Free affiliate marketing training often leads to the “shiny penny syndrome.” That means that when you start to struggle with making sales, you change paths. You see the next guy’s training and think, “this is perfect for me. This is better than what I have now.” You give up the path that you are on and start over with some new and improved method. The problem then becomes that you aren’t making money with affiliate marketing because you aren’t sticking with it long enough. Another problem is when you start paying for every single course and losing money because you just didn’t take action long enough to make money. Many people market affiliate marketing as a quick way to make money, but successful marketers know that it is a slow and steady way to build a successful online business. It requires months of consistent effort. 

I recommend Wealthy Affiliate as a place for free affiliate marketing training for beginners and advanced affiliate marketers alike. This is a great community of affiliate marketers that are focused everyday on creating the most up to date affiliate marketing training. It is very useful to be able to ask expert affiliate marketers how to improve your website.

You can test out wealthy affiliate’s community with a free membership, but do yourself a favor and commit to learning affiliate marketing. Commit to being involved in the community for at least a year. Give yourself time to succeed. Give yourself time to make mistakes and learn from them on your road to affiliate marketing success. You’ll be glad that you did.

Here’s a walk through of what wealthy affiliate offers and how to use it:

How To Find Keywords for Your Website

If you are getting started with creating a blog, affiliate website or just people to build a website for information, you’ll want to make sure that you optimize the search engines so people can effectively find you. To do this, you need to learn how to find keywords for your website and implement them properly.

High Monthly Search Volume

Before you create a webpage or post, you want to make sure that it is something people are interested in and searching for online. The first thing that you look for when you do keyword research is to analyze the monthly searches. Ideally, you want a long tail keyword that gets more than 50 searches per month. This may mean that you are writing content that only about 5-15 people per month see, but that is ok. It is much better to get just a handful of people viewing your content than no one.

Typically, the higher the monthly search volume, the greater the competition. When you see a keyword that has over a thousand searches per month, it usually has a few hundred competing websites.

Look For Low Competition

Because your website is newer, you don’t want to be competing with other websites that have been around for a long time. You should be looking at the quoted search results. This gives you an idea of how much competition is already on the internet for that keyword. If you find a high volume keyword that has over one thousand searches per month, with more than 100 competing websites, you may be able to reduce the competition by adding words to the keyword, which will make the keyword more focused.

Ensure that Your Keyword Makes Grammatical Sense

Sometimes you can throw a few words together and find high volume with low competition. The reason that this result comes up is because no one is going after that random keyword. An example of that would be something like, “Affiliate Marketing Dummies.” This has a monthly search volume of 519 and 64 competing websites, but it doesn’t really make sense. I think that some people may be using the keyword “affiliate marketing for dummies,” but no one really wants to be called a dummy whether they are doing affiliate marketing or not. If you search for “affiliate marketing for dummies” the competition jumps to 214. This means that you may not make it to the first page of the search results and likely won’t get any of those monthly searches.

If we look at another related keyword that is more specific, “beginner affiliate marketing dummies,” it has 144 monthly searches and only one competing website. Sounds great, it is high enough that you should generate traffic, and you would only have to compete with one other website, right? The problem is that it doesn’t seem to make much sense.

Make it Specific!

When someone comes to your website, you want to deliver the most relevant content for the search that they did. You want them to feel like they found the information that they were looking for. Therefore, your keywords need to be very specific. Forget something like “Make money” or even “make money online.” There are dozens of ways to make money online. A better option would be “Make money online with a blog.” This has 121 monthly searches and only 63 competing websites. If you consistently work on your website and ensure that you have great content, it is likely that you could knock out some of that competition and make it to the first page for that keyword.

If it is getting difficult for you to discover keywords, there is a neat little trick you can do. Go into google and type the main keywords that you want to use. Under your search, google will pull up more things that people have searched for that are similar. If we use our “make money online with a blog” example, google showed us that similar keywords that people searched for were “make money online with your blog,” “Make money online blogging free,” and “make money online with blogspot.” All of these would be great potential keywords for you to target for a make money online type of blog.

This can be applied to other areas as well. If you are a gardener and want to write about how to grow tomatoes, you would research the keyword, “how to grow tomatoes.” You’ll find that has 9083 monthly searches! Wow! However, it also has 229 competing websites. Yours will start at the bottom of the list. If you look down the list of things that Jaaxy pulled up, you will discover “how to grow tomatoes in the winter” only has 9 competing websites and 152 monthly searches. It is highly likely that you can learn how to grow tomatoes in the winter and generate some traffic to your website just by getting a bit more specific.

Go For the Low Hanging Fruit

When you first get started with keyword research, it may seem counter-intuitive to be searching for keywords with only 50 or 100 searches each month. You want to maximize the reach that you have. However, when you realize that most people only check out the websites on the first page that the search engine brings up, you start to understand that you need to find a niche angle to your content that people will actually find. It may take a few months for Google to start trusting your website, so targeting keywords that don’t have much competition is imperative.

Building a website takes time. It is better to use keywords that you will rank for in Google that may bring you 5-10 new visitors each month and continue to build multiple pages than it is to shoot for the moon and hope that your content will grab that ideal keyword that has 500 searches and competes with 200 other sites. Consistent effort wins out every time.






Microniche Finder Review

Microniche Finder Review

Name: Micro Niche Keywords


Price: $6.26

Overall Rank: 75 out of 100

Micro Niche Keywords, Product Overview

This is a PDF of 250,000 micro niches that you can use to start your blog, drop shipping business, or your next ebook. They have taken the time to run software and look up keywords for you.

The Good & the Bad
The Good:

PRO #1: Comprehensive list of micro niche ideas. Over 250,000 keywords to use!

PRO #2: The keywords are broken down into micro niches. Therefore, it will reduce the competition naturally. You won’t be entering a general niche, such as the fitness category, but something more specialized, such as yoga mats.

PRO #3: There are many keywords and categories to choose from. You may discover that you have multiple interests to write about. It is a great place for newbies to start generating ideas.

The Bad:

CON #1: You won’t know how many people are using these same keyword lists.

CON #2: You still have to do your own due diligence and discover how much competition that you have on Amazon or with Google. You still have to produce the content on your own. You also won’t learn how to generate keywords by s for your next project if you simply purchase them.
Who is Microniche Keywords For?

Micro Nice Keywords was created for the beginning internet marketer who wants to be told what niche to go into. There are thousands of micro niches to make money from and you can find ways to profit from almost all of them. This product is relatively unnecessary, but for the newbie who is just trying to confirm their ideas, this is a good place to start.

Micro Niche Keywords Tools & Training

They give you some videos and ideas about how to use the micro niche keywords that they sell you. They recommend that you write a book or create a drop shipping business.

Selecting the right keyword on Amazon can really make or break you. I have produced a few books for Amazon and the one that cells the most cells because I selected the right keyword. It cells consistently. The other books require me to market and promote them in order to make sales.

Micro Niche Keywords Support
If you have questions regarding your purchase of 250,000 keywords, email to

Micro Niche Keywords Price
The price for the starter package of micro niche keywords is $6.25. This is a good price for what you are paying for. You’ll get a bunch of ideas that you can tap into and make money from on the internet. It isn’t necessary to purchase micro niche keywords if you are a member of wealthy affiliate and have an excellent keyword tool at your fingertips. You can type in any keyword and discover approximately how much traffic you will have and how much competition that you will have for a specific keyword.

My Final Opinion of Micro Niche Keywords

The problem with buying keywords is that you don’t know how many other people these keywords have been sold to. Keywords fluctuate in popularity. It is better to research out your own keywords with a keyword tool like Jaaxy on Wealthy Affiliate and produce relevant keywords based on the most updated keyword research.

Micro Niche Keywords at a Glance…

Name: Micro Nice Keywords


Price: $6.95

Overall Scam Rank: 75 out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT – This will give you a list of micro niche markets that you can go into. However, you will need to do a lot more research on the keywords to determine the amount of competition that you have.


Comment below, would you be willing to BUY keywords? Especially knowing that other people are buying some of the same lists?

Don’t Give Up!

If you are getting started in affiliate marketing, make sure that you realize and plan for a lot of work before you start to see some rewards. The reason for this is that affiliate marketing requires you to build a following. It requires creation of websites and content. It requires you to attract other people to your website. Most importantly, you must learn how to get people to click on your affiliate links! This can take 3-6 months! During this time, you will face setbacks and frustration. You will get frustrated when your link isn’t working. You won’t like the look of your site initially. You will get discouraged by comments that may seem overly critical. But don’t give up! You will get over it and you will overcome!

This last week, I had one such setback. I had a seizure. For people who don’t have epilepsy, they won’t understand the emotions that go along with having a random seizure. In some ways it feels like your brain is being rebooted afterwards. All the momentum that you had gained is lost. You get discouraged and it can take awhile to regain your confidence. For me, it took about a  week. Part of that was dealing with the holiday shenanigans going on at my house, but I finally feel like I’m back to normal and able to tackle my goals and ambitions! The same thing happens with affiliate marketing, you’ll have setbacks, but as long as you get back on track, you can regain your momentum and that will lead you to success! 

Jaaxy – The Best Search Engine Keyword Tool

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

Name: Jaaxy


Price: $49/mo.

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Overall Rank: 89 out of 100

Jaaxy Keyword Tool, Product Overview

Jaaxy is a keyword tool for affiliate marketers who are interested in producing content and ranking in search engines. Jaaxy provides the affiliate marketer with fast and efficient keyword research.

Jaaxy is a keyword tool that was developed by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers. When it comes to keyword research, there are a lot of processes that can need to be done that can take a lot of time. Keyword research can now be simplified with Jaaxy!

Jaaxy provides you with the most advanced and useful platform for managing all aspects of market research, keyword research, competition research and website research.

The Good & the Bad

The Good: Try before you buy!

PRO #1: The Jaaxy keyword tool is fast and efficient. It can save the affiliate marketer 10 minutes per keyword search.

PRO #2: It can perform 5 keyword searches a month.

PRO #3: Jaaxy gives you 30 free searches before you have to start paying for the service!

The Bad: Monthly costs

CON #1: $49/month can be steep for those just starting out.

CON #2: The newbie may not need all the features when they are just starting out.
Who is Jaaxy Keyword Tool For?

Jaaxy keyword tool is marketed towards all affiliate marketers, but I feel that it is probably a better buy for the intermediate or advanced affiliate marketer. The newbie tends to spend a lot of time creating content and sharing content. Due to a steep learning curve with creating a website, Jaaxy may bot be used very much the first few months of an affiliate marketer’s career. As some of these processes become more automatic and knowing which keywords are going to rank, check out the competition

Jaaxy Support

The owners, Kyle and Carson, have a great team that offers email support 24/7. You can contact them through an email page.

Jaaxy Monthly Price

Because this keyword tool is $49 per month, it is probably better for the more advanced marketers and those who are doing massive amounts of keyword research daily. As a new affiliate marketer, I discovered that their 30 free searches are a great starting point for creating content.

The Jaaxy monthly price is competitive with other keyword research tools on the market. The people who are using the keyword tool can definitely get their money’s worth out of this keyword tool because it can save them time and time is money! This keyword tool will definitely make your keyword research more efficient!

My Final Opinion of Jaaxy

I found the Jaaxy keyword tool very easy to use as a beginning affiliate marketer. I discovered that you can use it to check your own rankings for the website that you created.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool at a Glance…

Name: Jaaxy Keyword Tool


Owners: Kyle and Carson

Price: $49/mo.

Overall Scam Rank: 89 out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT! This is a great keyword tool. It lets you know whether the keyword is worth going after.