Grow Your Copywriting Business with Guest Blogging

Getting started in copywriting can be difficult when you don’t have writing samples and no one knows your name. That is where guest blogging comes into play! Guest blogging can not only help you gain experience, but it can help you to identify some excellent opportunities.

Creating Backlinks to Your Website

Your online website is the perfect place to showcase your blogging and copywriting talent. However, you probably won’t be listed on the first page of Google without backlinks to your website. Guest blogging can help you out with that. Most websites will have a biography to credit to the guest blogger. This is where you can add a link back to your website.

Sometimes, you will use your online Google avatar. The link will direct readers back to your website.

Get Well-Known Within Your Niche

When you start out in copywriting, unless you have been super active in multiple forums across many platforms, most people won’t know your name. In business, people like to hire those individuals that they know, like and trust. When people start to see you participating in groups and forums, they will become familiar with you.

As you gain more experience writing for the niche, you may even build a following. This can help you market yourself even more. When you have followers who read your work, you can charge more for your writing knowing that more people will be reading it.

Get Those Necessary Writing Samples

Business owners like to see examples of someone’s writing before they hire you to write a blog post. Sometimes they will ask for a test piece when you apply for a position. Other times they want to see that you have been published by other companies.

This will give the companies a feel for what your writing voice sounds like. They can see how well you connect with their audience. When you offer to write a guest blog post, it creates a deadline for you. No longer can you procrastinate creating those needed writing samples for your website! You have a deadline to meet!

Earn Some Cash With Guest Blogging

Most guest blogging opportunities are not paid, so don’t expect to be paid for every guest blog post that you write. However, there are some companies that will compensate you for your well-written and researched blog posts.

Brain, Child

Alaska Parent

Adoptive Families

Family Tree Magazine

Genealogy related articles.


Parenting magazine for families in Southeast Michigan.

The Penny Hoarder

Personal finance website with around 10 million visitors.

Doctor of Credit

For people who need help with their credit.


Personal finance site for women.

The Motley Fool

Finance website. They offer a chance to work for them for pay.

  • -Apply/Pitch/Submit Page:
  • -Pay: $100 per article, more if you get hired
  • -Author Page/Byline: Yes
  • -Links allowed in Author Page/Byline: No

Elite Personal Finance

Personal finance website focusing on personal loans and credit cards.

Better Homes and Gardens

Focusing on: health, parenting, travel, and education.

Bless This List

Looks for unusual stories to share.

Belt Magazine

General interest magazine focusing on the “Rust Belt” of the United States.

The Kernel

They publish everything from tech to religion.

Gawker Media

Gawker is a news site, and they publish reported stories and essays.

  • -Apply/Pitch/Submit Page:
  • -Pay: Contact them to find out how much.
  • -Author Page/Byline: Yes
  • -Links allowed in Author Page/Byline: Yes

The Mix

They had out daily writing assignments, so submit a pitch.

  • -Apply/Pitch/Submit Page:
  • -Pay: Yes, but join to find out
  • -Author Page/Byline: Yes
  • -Links allowed in Author Page/Byline: Yes, but they are not hyperlinked

Eureka Street

Promotes Jesuit spirituality. Topics covered range from the environment to popular culture.


Collection of stories on the human condition.

  • -Apply/Pitch/Submit Page:
  • -Pay: Unspecified
  • -Author Page/Byline: Yes
  • -Links allowed in Author Page/Byline: just a list of posts by the author


ListVerse is a fun website covering any topic under the sun in a list format.

The Washington Post

Insights from common people on the street. Everyone has a chance if you can write well.


Funny and biting articles.


Offers an alternative view on everything from fitness to business.


Guest blogging is a great way to get your foot in the door as a copywriter. Get started today by reaching out to some of the above blogs and pitching story ideas.


5 Replies to “Grow Your Copywriting Business with Guest Blogging”

  1. Hello Melinda,

    I have just started thinking about the possibilities surrounding guest writing, both for my own website, and for me to contribute to other websites, and so your article is very timely for me. 

    Thank you very much for this list of guest blogging opportunities. I imagine the full list would be very long, and right now I see only a couple of potential opportunities in your list for me, but this is a good place to get started. 

    I noticed you didn’t list Medium. Do you have an opinion about it? I receive daily mails from them, and I’m curious to find out more about what it’d be like to write for them. I’ve read that it’s very competitive though…

    thanks! Phil

    1. This is NOT a comprehensive list by any means. It is just a place to get started. I haven’t written for Medium. 

  2. Great site for anyone and everyone wants to make money by guest blogging. It helps you become a “name” on your niche. I was looking for some legitimate sites to try out.

    It is great that I came across your site. I tested out a few of the links.

    List Verse accepts only native English Speakers.

    Brain Child doesn’t accept the application.

    Alaska one is for natives.

    All of them have different criteria for acceptance. But seems like a common strategy- Novel, unique and fresh content.

    When you are a beginner, anything helps. I have saved your site for future use. 

  3. I’ve heard about guest blogging but have never done it. I know it’s a good thing even though you don’t get paid.
    Copywriting needs for you to get yourself noticed out there.
    I wasn’t aware that guest blogging could help to get you on the first page of Google.
    I do know that backlinks are important. I’ve always tried to do that.
    You bring out an excellent point of having writing samples prepared. This is the case with everything where you should provide samples of your work as in a resume.

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