Get Started with Youtube Video Marketing – Tips for Success!

When it comes to internet marketing, YouTube and video content marketing is a powerful tool. If you aren’t using video content marketing there are some powerful reasons to consider doing so now. Before you dismiss the idea because you are camera shy, consider whether you watch videos on YouTube for information. Do you enjoy it?

Top 5 Reasons to Start Using Video Content Marketing

  1. Videos are very easy to make once you get the hang of it. You can talk much faster than you type, even if you are a very fast typist! It is natural to be a bit shy about talking into a video when you start out. Not everyone is an extrovert, but as you improve, you will become much more comfortable with it.
  2. Videos lead to higher conversions than texts. This is why we see so many sales pages that have an accompanying video to view. It is proven that a site with both video and text will convert at a higher rate than one with just text. While some people prefer to read and others prefer text, if you have both on your page, you will be catering to both demographics.
  3. You can easily help people with videos. If you are sick of explaining a basic concept, create a video. Then you just need to refer people to your video! It is very simple and allows people to follow along as you demonstrate a topic.
  4. Building a video following will enhance your brand. Videos give people a visual and the idea that you are a real person. This is something that is missing with text. When people feel connected to you, they begin to trust you. Trust leads to higher conversions in sales.
  5. Videos get indexed in Google very quickly. Videos get indexed the same way that text gets indexed. However, Google typically indexes at least ONE video within every search that has an associated video. This is because YouTube is a partner with Google. There are many keywords that don’t have any videos associated with them in YouTube, therefore this is huge potential source of traffic!


Getting Started with YouTube

Now that we know that YouTube can be a wonderful source of traffic, you should learn how to get set up with YouTube. You’ll need to set up a channel. I’ll explain the steps for setting up a personal channel.

  • Sign in to YouTube on a computer or through a mobile device.
  • Try any actions that requires a channel, such as uploading a video, creating a playlist or posting a comment.
  • For people who don’t have a channel, you will suddenly see a prompt to create a channel.
  • Check the details and confirm your information to create your new channel. (You will use your Google Account name and photo.)

Setting Up Your Channel

It is important to help people who are interested in your message find your channel. You can do this with the description and cool channel art. Setting up your channel properly will help you look more professional and help build trust with your YouTube audience.

The About Section

The about section is your chance to describe what your message is going to be, what you do, where to find more information about you, and how to get in touch if you have more questions. This is where you can link to other social networks, so people can follow you on multiple channels. You should include your websites and other social media sites here.

The Channel Art

Great channel art can help you stand out from the crowd. It is recommended that you use a simple design or pattern that is consistent with your branding. Make sure that you have the rights to the image that you select. Finally, go check out what these images look like on other devices to ensure that everything looks good. Iphones, monitors and tablets can display the channel art with different dimensions.

Creating Videos for YouTube

Video creation for YouTube can be done in a few different ways. You use a camera and film yourself explaining or doing something, you can use a PowerPoint presentation and add an audio to it. You can use your computer screen as a visual as you explain something. You can edit together other videos to create a new and original video. You can use Window’s Live Movie Maker and add a lot of pictures and some music to create a video. The possibilities are endless. You just have to be a bit creative.

Before you start creating videos for YouTube, you should keep in mind what your message is going to be and who your target audience will be. Start with some keyword research and then check to see if Google already has a video indexed for those keywords. If not, you should be good to go! If there already is a video for that keyword, you can still create a video, but understand that you may not get as much traffic as you initially had hoped for. That is okay.

For more training on researching keywords, make sure that you sign up for wealthy affiliate. You can research keywords and learn how to use them effectively at wealthy affiliate.

Some helpful tools for creating videos:

  • Screencast-o-Matic
  • Windows Live Movie Maker
  • iMovie
  • Camera
  • IPhone Camera
  • Canva – to create a custom thumbnail and channel art header
  • Microphone


Sharing Your Content

If you want to jump start your YouTube channel, you should be sharing your new videos with friends and family. Search engine traffic alone may not grow your channel as quickly as social media will.

Your followers on Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest will probably all be interested in seeing your new video content. If you have started doing email marketing, include a video in your next email as a great way to engage your subscribers and drive traffic to your YouTube channel!


Video content marketing is a powerful way to increase your audience, build trust with your followers and improve your sales online. However, you may want to do a little more work than simply slapping up a video and hoping that someone finds it. A little research goes a long way in getting discovered online. Spending some time creating a professional looking channel will not only help interested people find you, but they’ll also trust you a bit more when they view your videos.

Finally, be proud of what you have created and share your videos. People do glance at how many views your videos get and they see the engagement in the comment section. Encourage your friends and family to engage with your videos, so that when other people view them they will feel comfortable leaving messages and commenting on them.





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