How to Choose A Product to Sell Online

So, you’ve decided that you want to blog and create an online income. Great! Now, you have to decide what you want to sell. What products are you going to have featured on your website? Learning how to choose a product to sell online is all part of an affiliate marketer’s journey. Most people, like myself, start with products they know and love. They review everything under the sun and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. As you get more advanced as an affiliate marketer, you will discover there are some specific things that you can do to finding profitable products faster. Click here to get step by step training on setting up a blog for profits. 

Step #1 Check out Amazon Bestsellers

Amazon has the greatest variety of products of any affiliate network online. It is highly likely that you will discover products featured on Amazon that fit into your niche. The other great thing about Amazon Bestseller’s list is that they let you know what is popular now. This is what people are buying. You can write a review about one of these things, make recommendations about bestsellers and it is highly likely people who visit Amazon, check it out and even make a purchase.

Keep in mind that many of the books and products featured on the bestseller list are being heavily promoted at the time. This means that you do have additional competition, but it also means that the products sell well, so if you can get people to click featured on your link, it is highly likely that they will make a purchase!

Step #2 Look for Lots of Reviews

Amazon has their own system for reviews. If you are looking at a product, you simply need to scroll down to the bottom to see how many people purchased it and how many reviews are out for it. This gives you a good idea of whether people really like the product. A large number of reviews (over 100) is a great sampling of the market. These people bought the product and either loved it or hated it. Multiple reviews lets you know that the product is in demand.

Read up featured on some reviews. Find out what people like and don’t like about the product. This will help you determine if you should recommend the product for certain people or not. It will also give you a good idea of the general sentiment regarding the product.


Step #3 Check Out Clickbank

Clickbank has its own method of letting affiliates know which products are selling. When you go into the Clickbank Marketplace, you will find digital products in all kinds of niches. How do you know which one to put up featured on your website? Which one should you be reviewing? When I started out, I just reviewed everything in the dieting and fitness niche whose sales page I liked. It took a long time before one of them started making daily sales.

Look for the Gravity. A high gravity score means that the product is selling. I like gravity scores that are over 80. This means that other people are buying the product. Other affiliates are making money featured on the product and if that is the case, it is highly likely that you can too!

Step #4 JVZOO Top Sellers

The top sellers featured on JVzoo are the products that are selling the most. JVzoo lists the products that are the top sellers for the day and the previous days. Once you find the top sellers, check out their website and see if it resonates with you. Do you like it? Does it fit with your target market? Would you recommend it?

Another great way to look for products featured on JVzoo is by checking out the upcoming launches. Usually when a product is being launched, it tends to get a boost in sales. The creator of the product often goes out of his way to buy some extra publicity. You can take advantage of launches by creating a video or blog post that reviews the product.

Step #5 See What’s Trending

There are seasonal fads and kid’s toy crazes such as the fidget spinner. They come and go, but if you are paying attention to what is popular, you can earn some cash from them. Check out twitter and see what is trending. Are there any products in your niche that are getting a lot of hashtags featured on twitter? That should alert you to the fact that they are probably selling well. It shouldn’t take too long to learn about the products that are trending and write a post about it.

When you know what is trending there are lots of ways that you can creatively make sales. You can compare the trends of today to the trends of yesteryear. You can make posts with lists of pros and cons for the trend. You can compare the different products in the trend.





How to Add Amazon Links in WordPress

If you are in affiliate marketing, you want to make sure that you have your Amazon affiliate links on your website. This is essential to you earning money from promoting products. An amazon affiliate link will open up the product page in Amazon and it will attach a cookie to the person’s computer who opened up that link. This will credit you with a sale if a purchase is made on Amazon within the next 24 hours.

Your Amazon Affiliate Link

In order to get the sale, you want to make sure that you are using the correct link. When you signed up as an Amazon affiliate, you were given a code. That code is put at the end of the link to credit your account with a sale when you earn a sale.

Not sure what your affiliate code is? Look in the upper right-hand corner. After the word “store” you will see some letters and numbers. This is your affiliate identification code. You want to double check before adding this link to ensure that it matches up with your account.

Search for a Product

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. In the upper left-hand corner, there is a drop down menu titled “Product Linking.”
  3. Click on Product Linking.
  4. Using the search box, type in keywords for products that you want to promote. Click on “Go.”
  5. Once the search pulls up the results, click on the down arrow next to the yellow Get Link box in the right column.
  6. Copy the link.

The link that you will get will be long. It will look something like this:
You can use the shortening feature to get a shorter link. However, this is an unnecessary step. Ideally, you’ll hyperlink this affiliate link to keywords in your text instead of providing the raw link. This will make your website look neater and encourage readers to click on the link to learn more. Another step that you can take is to hyperlink to a picture of the Amazon product. People tend to like to click on pictures to learn more about them as well.


Hyperlink to Text

Now that you have your affiliate link, you will want to add it to WordPress. While you are in the Edit Post section of WordPress, you can easily hyperlink the text to the Amazon product page with your affiliate link. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Highlight keywords in your text that relate to the product.
  2. Click on the insert/edit link icon. It looks like a chain.
  3. When the box opens up, paste the link into the box.
  4. Click on the arrow to apply.
  5. Test out the link! (Always test your links to ensure they are working!)

These steps work when you are in the visual mode of WordPress. You can add links using code when you are in the text mode in WordPress, but that requires you to know some basic coding.

Adding Your Affiliate Link to a Picture

This is as easy as hyperlinking to text now. As you are creating a new and unique post, you will add a picture. Once you have a picture for your post, you will click on it and use the hyperlink icon to add the affiliate link. Here are the basic steps to adding a picture to a post or a page in WordPress:

  1. Click the “Add Media” button.
  2. Select from the pictures that are already there or click on upload files in the upper left corner.
  3. Click on the photo that you want to add to your page or post.
  4. In the lower right-hand corner, click “Insert Into Post.”
  5. Go to the post and adjust the size or move to reposition it.
  6. To add an affiliate link, click on the photo and then click on the hyerlink icon.
  7. Add the affiliate link to the box where you paste the URL.

Amazon Plugins

The process of adding your Amazon link is pretty straight forward and simple. However, you can shorten it even more if you have the help of Easy Azon, an Amazon WordPress plug in that cuts down on the steps. The Easy Azon plug enables you to directly add pictures and info blocks of products directly to your website. Your affiliate tag is saved into WordPress and automatically added. Therefore, you can add products without leaving the site to go search for them on Amazon. You also won’t need to take the extra step of saving the pictures to your computer, uploading the files in WordPress and adding them to your post. It is all done for you in one simple step!

Adding an Amazon Affiliate Link with EasyAzon:

  1. Click on Easy Azon
  2. Search for the product using a keyword
  3. Click on Image, Text link or infobox
  4. Select the image and the size you would like it to be.
  5. Click on “Insert into post.”

Helpful Hints

Affiliate links are your lifeblood as a blogger or internet marketer. It is how you get paid! You will want to monitor your affiliate links and make sure that they are functioning. Click through to ensure that your link is connected to the product page on Amazon. Visit your website and test it out as though you are a user. Make sure your link stands out. You want it to be a different color from the text, so people know that it is a clickable link.

Have the link open up a new window. This allows someone to make a purchase while still staying on your website instead of completely leaving your website. They still may be interested in reading your content, so have the affiliate link open up in a new window.

Check how your links are performing. You can log into Amazon and see how many people are clicking on your links. This can let you know whether people are making purchases once they read the product information. If you notice that you don’t have any clicks for the day, you may want to check and see how much website traffic you are receiving. If you have plenty of traffic, but now clicks on your affiliate links, you need to tweak your message a bit. You may want to create a call to action link. Using the terms, “Click here” can encourage people to click on your links.

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How to Make a Living with Affiliate Marketing

Are you looking to start an online business? Not sure you can make it with affiliate marketing? I’m here to let you know that you can! Other people have learned how to make a living with affiliate marketing and so can you! However, affiliate marketing is no get-rich-quick scheme, the first thing that you are going to need is a lot of patience. You’ll also need to find the willingness to learn the skill and start applying it on a consistent basis.

Learn the Ropes!

Affiliate marketing can take many forms on the internet. You can decide to create pay per click campaigns, you can go for social media marketing, you can rely on keywords and SEO, or you can create your own hybrid approach. There are literally hundreds of ways to be successful at affiliate marketing online!

The first thing that you need to do is to learn the basics. Essentially, what you are doing is referring buyers to a product online. How you get those buyers interested in clicking on your particular link is going to be up to you. However, you should learn some basics. I highly recommend learning from the Wealthy Affiliate training. It is free to start and then just a low monthly fee as you ramp up and learn more about affiliate marketing.

Test Out the Techniques

As you start affiliate marketing, you may be surprised what works best for you and your market. You may have initially thought that you were going to rely on straight Search Engine Optimization, as I did, but quickly discovered that there were lots of people in social media groups that were dying to hear my message.

Creating video didn’t turn out to be quite so profitable for me, but I have discovered that quite a few people were following me on YouTube. As I improve in video content creation, I can see that there is opportunity to learn more and make more with video!

Hone Your Craft

Once you have tested out a few different techniques and ways of sharing your affiliate links, it is time to dig down and hone your craft. Continue for another month or two of interacting with your audience, publishing the type of content that you have decided upon. Find ways to improve your delivery. You can get feedback from others in the Wealthy Affiliate community or seek out feedback from other internet marketers on the presentation of the material and how frequently you are sharing it.

If you are creating videos, find ways to make them more interesting. You can also improve the descriptions, so that they can be discovered by search engines. For blogs, you may want to include some more pictures and link to other relevant content within your website.

For the social media crowd, create a schedule of what and when you will be posting. Create a plan of attack for engaging in discussions. What groups are the most effective at generating conversations, where are people likely to read your content. This is all important information for you to know as an affiliate marketer.

The pay per clickers should be consistently analyzing their campaigns to discover which keywords are getting clicks and which ones aren’t all that relevant. What is making sales and what is not?

Scale Your Business

Once you have discovered what is working for you and your niche, you’ll want to enlarge those efforts! For people in the pay per click business, this means increasing your budget as profits come in. For the social media gurus, you can scale your business by increasing the amount of content and engagement that you put out.

Scaling your business does not mean that you have to be the one spending more and more time on it. Once you have mastered an affiliate marketing technique, you can train a virtual assistant to do it for you. There are inexpensive virtual assistants that will be happy to work for you. Some of them may be from other countries, but the dollar goes a long way in their country and you can get a bigger bang for your buck by hiring them. Here are some resources to look for virtual assistants:


You’ll want to hire a virtual assistant when you discover that you can’t handle all the tasks on your own. You also want to wait until you actually have an income from affiliate marketing before you start to think about hiring a virtual assistant. Finally, you’ll be ready to hire a full time assistant when you have learned what you need to be profitable with affiliate marketing. Prior to that, you won’t have a clue what is effective and what you will want to train your assistant to do for you.

Stay Positive

Affiliate marketing is a process that takes a bit of time. You don’t be an overnight millionaire unless you have spent a lot of sleepless nights working. Affiliate marketing for most people is more of a journey than a destination. Enjoy the ride and realize that you will face bumps along the way. You’ll get discouraged when all of your efforts don’t amount to a ton of money right away, but that is okay! It is consistency online that builds a community and a buyer base. Your consistency will pay off in the long run and after a year or two, you will discover that you are easily making a living from affiliate marketing. You may even be loving it by this time.

If you’re in the beginning stages of learning affiliate marketing and haven’t made your first dollar yet, there are a few things that you can do. You can start to reward yourself for taking the daily actions that will lead to success with internet marketing. You can start sharing your posts with your friends and family that encourage you. Finally, you can listen to positive affirmations. This keeps you in a positive mindset that you are moving forward and you will eventually be making a full time living through affiliate marketing.

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Affilorama Affiliate Marketing Training – Is it a scam?

Affilorama Review

Name: Affilorama Affiliate Marketing Training


Price: FREE to start – premium membership $67/month

Owners: Mark Ling and Simon Slade

Overall Rank: 75 out of 100

Affilorama, Product Overview

Affilorama is an affiliate marketing training platform. It has a membership of over 300,000 people worldwide and offers free introductory video lessons as well as comprehensive training packages.

When Mark Ling and Simon Slade started out, they wanted to minimize the potential hurdles for aspiring affiliates, which would enable them to see success with their affiliate marketing business sooner. They accomplish this through straight forward, step-by-step training, as well as tools which simplify the technical demands that accompany an online business.

The Free Membership gives you basically an online course which includes roughly 20 hours of video. That is a lot of training videos and written material! The best part is that you will be getting the interviews with well-known and successful online marketers as well!

Even though this is a free membership, there is a lot of value that is given to you! You will definitely learn from the Affilorama free membership. They will often tell you in the videos to upgrade to premium, but go at your own pace and do it when it is comfortable for you.

The free membership will teach you all the things that an affiliate marketer should know. It will review website building, the creation of content for pay per click and search engine optimization. It will give you a basic idea of how affiliate marketing works and teaches you about the initial set up.


The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1: Affiliate marketing training platform at a reasonable price. This gives the beginner an opportunity to learn in a logical, step-by-step fashion. It will help the novice ensure that they follow the most profitable path to success.

PRO #2: Over 120 training videos with their free membership. This provides newbies with a head start to online marketing.

PRO #3: The training is rather comprehensive. They have a team of successful affiliates that contribute to their platform. Training is continually added.

PRO #4: They have a community to support each other. If you have questions, you can tap into other member’s knowledge and experience. This is one of the many benefits of a membership site!

The Bad:

CON #1: The content is basic. It isn’t the best affiliate marketing training available. If you are paying for premium online training, you want it to over deliver. Affilorama doesn’t quite over deliver.

CON #2: The platform seems a bit confusing to use. I was definitely disappointed to discover that even after you purchased the premium content, you would have to purchase the additional blueprints, etc.
CON #3: They haven’t removed the out-of-date sections, for example they still include training on back linking, which is an out-of-date practice. They also have a course on private label rights and posting it on your website.

CON #4: It is confusing where to start because there are a number of up sells within the platform.

Who is Affilorama for?

Affilorama is definitely for the beginner affiliate marketers. They will learn the basics from Affilorama. The content is decent. You can find better training for a lower price.

Affilorama Tools & Training

Through this program, you will get hundreds of hours of video training on affiliate marketing techniques. Each video has some homework, or action steps for you to take. This will reinforce what you just learned and put it into action. Putting the concepts into action is where you will start to make money, so this is one of the best parts of the Affilorama membership site.

Affilorama Support

Affilorama offers email support. You can also connect with other members and ask questions if you are stuck on some training.

Affilorama Price

Affilorama is free to join and you will get the basics out of your free membership. If you want to improve your skills and take it to the next level, there is an option to join the premium membership. Eventually, it will be essential to your affiliate marketing career to be using some of these tools which analyze your website’s traffic and sales. However, getting started, you probably can do fine with the free membership.

My Final Opinion of Affilorama

You will obtain a great amount of value if you join just for the free membership. There are a lot of introductory videos to go through.

The premium membership is $67 per month. While this is fairly competitive with other membership sites, it does seem a bit on the high side to me. Wealthy Affiliate seems to offer a bit more and is only $49 per month. They also do not have up sells.

The up sells – Affilorama Blueprint and Affilotools. I do not recommend these.

Affilorama Blueprint is basically a collection of hundreds of videos that will cover a range of topics from building a website, writing content and ranking it well. It will show you exactly how Mark Ling built his own affiliate website completely from scratch. While that is nice, each niche and website is going to be a bit unique. You can follow the steps in the free training and still have success.

Affilotheme is one of the up sells. It retails for $97. It is not really necessary. Affilothemes helps you create squeeze pages, opt-in form templates, affiliate link cloaking, a header creator and pop over generator. These are great features, but you don’t need them to make money online. A basic word press theme will get you started and you can become very profitable with a simple word press theme.

The Affilo Jetpack is another unnecessary upsell. It is for the people who don’t want to watch the videos, but still want to make money with minimal efforts. It will basically do 80% of the work and then you need to contribute 20% of your time. This will stop people from learning the essentials. It is also very pricey at $497. You can purchase your own domain for $10 per year and an autoresponder is only about $20 per month. I don’t see much value in the Jetpack.


Affilorama at a Glance…
Name: Affilorama


Owners: Mark Ling and Simon Slade

Price: $67 per month for the premium membership

Overall Scam Rank: 75 out of 100


If you follow their system, you definitely will be able to master affiliate marketing. I do think it is a bit over priced and recommend Wealthy Affiliate as an alternative.

How To Get YouTube Subscribers FAST

To successfully make money on YouTube, you need to rely on people watching your channel. One of the features in YouTube is to have people subscribe to your channel. This increases the chances that you will have repeat viewers of your videos. Subscribers help you to build your audience. Having a good audience base will increase the amount of money that you can earn from advertisements that are displayed on your channel and the sales that you can make when you promote items.

When you are first starting out, you need to figure out how to get YouTube subscribers fast or you will quickly become disillusioned with creating videos and it is highly likely you will give up. Consistency and quality videos will help your channel grow over time. But what can you do to get those first few subscribers?

Ask People to Subscribe

When you watch YouTube videos, the really popular channels always throw it out there at the end. “Make sure you like, comment and subscribe to my channel.” After hearing this so many times, you may not even realize that it is on almost every video. You also may not realize that you end up liking and commenting or subscribing because they told you to do so.

Asking people to subscribe to your channel is one of the simplest things, but it is often overlooked by newbies. Not only do you want your viewers to subscribe to your channel, but to kick start your channel, you should ask your friends and family to subscribe. This will help to improve your channel’s trust in the eyes of Google.

I’ve become part of an affiliate marketing community known as Wealthy Affiliate. This has been a great source of initial subscriptions, likes and comments for me. In the community, we exchange comments to encourage commenting on new blog posts and websites. You can ask members to like your videos or your channel. There are also Facebook groups where you can exchange comments and likes. While this may initially help you jump start some subscribes and comments, you don’t want to rely on it. You want to start attracting people who are interested in your niche!

Optimize Your Video for the Search Engines

It is important to learn the essentials of search engine optimization if you are an online content creator and especially if you want to succeed on YouTube. Simply posting a video on YouTube is unlikely to attract any viewers. You must create a title that is interesting and attracts viewers.

Create a description that is keyword rich. Don’t be like most newbies and leave the description blank. YouTube has more and more competition than you can imagine. Therefore, if you are interested in attracting your target market, you need to research which long tail keywords receive a good volume of traffic per month and figure out what your competition is doing. When you try to target shorter keywords with plenty of competition, it is unlikely that you will make a first page ranking in Google. People won’t find you and you may discover that you spent all that time creating a video that no one has watched. (Don’t feel bad. I’ve done it before. )

Use a keyword research tool like Jaaxy or Video Marketing Blaster when you research your keywords. Try to find keyword phrases that have fewer than 300 quality search results and don’t have competing videos in YouTube. This may take some digging, but you should be able to discover some. Video Marketing Blaster can provide you with some optimized keyword titles, descriptions and tags.

Watch, Comment and Like Other Videos In Your Niche

You don’t just want views on your channel. You want other people who are interested enough to watch them to the end, comment on them and keep coming back. One of the best things that you can do is to view other videos that are in your niche, comment and subscribe to them. They will often return the favor and subscribe to you.

This is a valuable step in your YouTube career. Some people may not want to do that because they are giving their competition views. However, you will be gaining ideas on what type of videos that you can make. You will also be able to discover mistakes that they may have made and improve on them. It then becomes a win for your competition because they increased their views, but also a win for you because they are likely to return the favor, but before long, people in your niche will see your thoughtful comments all over the place and check out your channel.

Create Videos on Trending Topics

Some topics are very controversial and everyone is discussing them. As I type this, it seems like everyone is talking about gun control and everyone has an opinion about it. Creating a pro-gun control video or anti-gun control video when everyone is discussing it will give it a better chance of gaining viewers because it is relevant to what everyone seems to be discussing.

Twitter has a feature that will show you what is trending in your area. Check out what the trending topics are and decide if any of them are relevant to your niche. Don’t create videos on trending topics if they aren’t necessarily relevant to your niche and your audience. For example, one of the niches that I participate in is the ketogenic diet. It wouldn’t be appropriate for me to add my two cents about gun control to my ketogenic diet channel. There are probably viewers on both sides of the issue and many of them may not share my view points. However, uploading a new ketogenic pancake recipe yesterday did earn me three new subscribers and they are going to stick around because they will be interested in future recipes and information about the ketogenic diet.

Create a video on a trending topic and then share it on all of your social media websites. Share it on twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Make sure that you include the topic in a hashtag so that other people who are currently discussing the topic will easily find it and comment on it.

Pay For Views

I put this last. It is the fastest way to get people to your channel, but they may not be relevant viewers. You can buy views and you can advertise your channel, but it isn’t something that I have a ton of experience doing. It also requires a nice hefty budget and a bit more affiliate marketing savvy in order to see a return for your investment, so I don’t recommend it for newbies. However, advertising your channel can quickly help you build your audience.




How to Create A Logo Online For Free with Canva

If you own a business or have a website, it is likely that a Logo will help you. It will create brand recognition. It can generate good feelings. People will recognize your logo and trust the information that is coming from your website. Corporations spend thousands of dollars on expensive logos. There is a lot of research that has gone into the Coca-cola logo. However, if you are just getting started and scraping by, you don’t want to start out spending a ton of money on a logo. There are free ways to craft a decent logo online with logo makers.

If you are like me, you are going to be a bit indecisive about the logo. You may end up creating a dozen different logos before finally settling on one. In all honesty, I have been avoiding the logo creation process, but I joined the wealthy affiliate bootcamp and part of it is learning how to create a logo and putting it up on my site. I was using a theme that didn’t all for a header image, so I had to switch themes and experiment with different images, so if you’re viewing this site in February 2018, it may still be a bit rough! The great news is that I did learn how to create a free logo online!

Step 1: Sign up With Canva

This is simple. They will ask for your email address. This is so they can send you emails regarding upgrades to their system and market their products to you. You can create a junk email account and use it if you don’t want to see the promotional emails. Although, I don’t see a lot of promotional emails in the email account that I use. It may be filtered out with the spam filter. Sign up here –

Step 2: Click on the Create a Design Button

In the upper left hand corner, there is a green “create a design button.” Click on that.

Step 3: Click on Logo

You may need to scroll down to Marketing Materials, or you can click on the Find Templates tab on the left hand column. Scroll through the alphabetical list until you reach logos. I recommend that you click on all. You may discover one that is a different category than you thought that you wanted.

Step 4: Select Your Template

Now the fun is about to begin! You can select your logo template. Scroll through the logos on the left and select one that catches your eye. Don’t focus too much on the color or the arrangement. You can easily change the color, the font and move around the elements.

Step 5: Download and Save

When you are finished, click the “Download” button that is in the upper right hand corner. This will save the logo to your computer and enable you to use it on your website. You may also want to save your logo within canva in case you want to order prints or something from canva. To save the logo, go to the upper left hand corner and click on file. When the menu drops down, you’ll see the option to “Save.” Click on “Save.”


Get Ideas for Your Logo

That is it! You have learned how to create a logo online for free with Canva! Now that you have learned how to do it, you have the task of creating your own. If you aren’t naturally an artistic person, this can seem like a daunting task. Don’t sweat it. Just play around with the logo maker and get comfortable with its features first.

You may want to do some research on Logos while you are designing your own. Check out the different companies that are in your niche. What type of logos are they using? Are they sleek, letters, modern, or do they use a picture? Do they combine an image with words? You don’t have to do everything that your competition is doing. However, checking them out will give you plenty of ideas to play around with.

Selecting Colors for Your Logo

You may also want to tap into certain colors. Some colors are associated with different things. There are psychological associations that we often make with different colors. Everyone tends to have a personal color preference and industries often have color preferences that are played out in their logos.

Green often is associated with landscaping, spring, eco-friendly products, and money. John Deere, Starbucks, Animal Planet and GreenLabs all have green logos to help you remember their companies.

Blue is a cool color. Technology companies often chose blue for their logos. We see blue in Dell, HP, IBM and Samsung. Blue is a strong color. People associate blue with trustworthiness.

Red is a warm color that is very eye catching. You find red associated with the Coca-cola logo, CNN, McDonald’s, Oracle, Kit Kat and Ray Ban.

Yellow is an attention grabber. It is associated with cheerfulness. Some popular brands that use yellow include McDonald’s, Ikea, Post-Its and Best Buy. If you are looking for people to associate your brand with cheeriness, try a yellow logo!

Purple is often associated with royalty. We see this theme in the logos of Cadbury, Royal Purple, and Hallmark, which has a crown over its name. The Crown Estate is another example of a purple logo tapping into the royalty theme. If you want people to think of your brand as elegant and special, you may want to opt for a purple logo.

Get Feedback From Your Friends

Sometimes we fall in love with a logo, but don’t realize that not everyone else likes it! Yikes! Once you have created your logo, get some advice from family and friends. Ask them what they think of the logo, how does it make them feel and whether or not they like it. Having a brand isn’t just about feeling great about the pretty logo you put out to the world. You want other people to come to know, like and trust your brand. Make sure the message that you are sending with your logo is the right one!





How to Become a Clickbank Affiliate – 5 Simple Steps

Clickbank offers a lot of opportunity to make money online. The products on clickbank are digital products that are usually simple downloads. Due to the fast and inexpensive nature of delivery, clickbank is one of the highest paying affiliate networks around. It is also one of the easiest to qualify for and to make money from! Whether your website is about dating, internet marketing, health and wellness or creating art, there are products on clickbank that your audience will be interested in discovering and you can make money with your affiliate link!

Step 1: Go to the Website.

First and foremost, you will want to go to the website, From this page, you will click on Create and Account. The Create Account link is the big gray button in the upper right-hand corner. This will take you to the next step, which is entering your personal information.

Step 2: Enter Your Personal Information

You do need to enter your personal information when signing up for an affiliate program. The Create Account link is so they know that you are a real person and they can pay you. Clickbank requests your name, email address, phone number, and physical address.


Step 3: Enter Your Banking Information and Tax ID

Many people do not like to give out their banking information and for good reason, there are a lot of people who may try to hack into your account. However, Clickbank is a reputable business. I have earned money from them and received checks from them. Other internet marketers have done so as well. Clickbank has been around for many years and is a very trusted affiliate network. Luckily, you don’t have to enter your bank account information, just the bank that use.

They do ask for your tax ID number, which is going to be either your business tax ID number or your social security number. The Create Account link is for tax purposes, so the government can take their share of what you earn. It isn’t fun, but it is required.


Step 4: Receive Your Account Information

You will be assigned your affiliate code that goes on the end of the hop links. This allows for the tracking of sales and enables them to pay you affiliate commissions. It is that simple! Clickbank is one of the easiest affiliate networks to sign up for! You can start earning commissions right away.

Step 5: Start Earning Commissions with Clickbank

Becoming a clickbank affiliate is the easy part. The more difficult part is deciding what and how you are going to market your products. That is where wealthy affiliate can help you out. Many people sign up for affiliate programs, but then don’t follow through with the real work of creating content that sells the products.

Just sharing your affiliate link to your Facebook friends and family may get you a few sales, but you’ll really want to ramp up those sales. While there are thousands of products to choose from on clickbank, selecting the right one for your audience is one of the keys to your success.

When it comes to affiliate marketing there are two main routes to driving targeted traffic to your affiliate links. You can create pay per click advertisements and target the audience through advertising and you can become a content creator and use the power of search engine optimization to gain interest in your website where you strategically place your links.

Both techniques are very effective, but they do require you to learn how to effectively do them and master them. Wealthy affiliate is a great training resource to help you master the art of content creation along with affiliate link placement and learning how to drive traffic to your website.

Facebook rush is a good product for people who are interested in learning how to create effective affiliate marketing campaigns on Facebook quickly and effectively. It does require that you start out with a budget for your affiliate marketing campaigns though.

Pay per click requires you to start out with more money than time, whereas, creating content is great for those people who have more time than money and are a bit creative. Either one is acceptable to use with clickbank products!

You can even use a combination of the two and share your review of a clickbank product on social media while creating a boosted Facebook post that targets a certain group of individuals based on age, location and interests to maximize your results. Since I know that in the beginning, you will make a lot of mistakes, I chose to start with content creation to get an idea of what my target market was interested in purchasing from clickbank. It did take me a couple of months, but after reviewing a bunch of products, I found one that sells consistently. The wealthy affiliate training helped me to stick with it as I made mistakes along the way. The community support enabled me to make the corrections that I needed as I went along.

Becoming a clickbank affiliate is definitely worth your time and can add money to your pocketbook! I highly recommend it. It is simple and fast.





The Pros and Cons of Free Affiliate Marketing Training for Beginners

Score! You just found someone who is going to offering you free affiliate marketing training for beginners. That fits your budget. You are intrigued and enticed. However, you are probably savvy enough to know that nothing in life is free. He will probably try to upsell you on some additional training. That is the online business model. Get a taste of something and make a larger purchase down the line.

PRO #1: No Money Risked

This is perfect if you are broke! You can allocate your resources to things like food and shelter.

You can get a ton of free content online. There are loads of courses for affiliate marketing that you can download and watch to your hearts content. You don’t have to pay a dime. Your hard earned money can stay in your pocket for now. The people who offered the free training now have an interested potential customer, so watch out for upsells. Pay  attention to whether or not they are working on you! Do their sales pages lead you to want to buy something? Why or why not?

PRO #2: You Gain Valuable Information

Believe it or not, many free marketing tips online are very useful. A lot of markete

rs put their best food forward into their lead generation freebies. Take advantage of some of them and get ideas from them. Make sure that you are not copying their work, but just gaining inspiration from their ideas. (You definately don’t want a lawsuit for copyright infringement on your hands if you are pinching pennies and can’t afford affiliate marketing training.)

PRO #3: You Can Make Money

You can apply the free training and start making money online. You probably won‘t, but you could. The reason that most people won’t is because the free methods of building an online business and making money tend to require you to stick with it for a few months. It requires you to tweak what you are doing, ask some experts and other marketers for help when you get stuck or something isn’t working.

CON #1: Outdated Info

You have no idea if the information is up to date or not. Internet marketing methods change at lightning speeds. What is relevant one day, could be dated information the next day. Even in the premium version of wealthy affiliate, I have discovered older modules that needed some updating. While the information was still pertinent, the websites they referenced had been updated and some of the links were in a different place. I had to look around a bit to find them.

This happens with all affiliate marketing training, but especially the free versions. No one is going to be complaining and asking for a refund from the free version, so there is no motivation to keep it updated.

CON #2: No Feedback on Your Efforts

You won’t get great feedback when you get free affiliate marketing training. You can ask your friends and family members for feedback on your website, but usually they haven’t had any affiliate marketing training. It is best to ask people who are experienced. People who have struggled with affiliate marketing and come out on top will let you know what to expect. You can get that with the free training. Savvy internet marketers know that and they upsell you on overpriced coaching or their latest and greatest online course.

CON #3: No Skin in the Game

Because you didn’t put any skin in the game, it is easier to give up. When you put money on the line, your commitment level increases. Free affiliate marketing training often leads to the “shiny penny syndrome.” That means that when you start to struggle with making sales, you change paths. You see the next guy’s training and think, “this is perfect for me. This is better than what I have now.” You give up the path that you are on and start over with some new and improved method. The problem then becomes that you aren’t making money with affiliate marketing because you aren’t sticking with it long enough. Another problem is when you start paying for every single course and losing money because you just didn’t take action long enough to make money. Many people market affiliate marketing as a quick way to make money, but successful marketers know that it is a slow and steady way to build a successful online business. It requires months of consistent effort. 

I recommend Wealthy Affiliate as a place for free affiliate marketing training for beginners and advanced affiliate marketers alike. This is a great community of affiliate marketers that are focused everyday on creating the most up to date affiliate marketing training. It is very useful to be able to ask expert affiliate marketers how to improve your website.

You can test out wealthy affiliate’s community with a free membership, but do yourself a favor and commit to learning affiliate marketing. Commit to being involved in the community for at least a year. Give yourself time to succeed. Give yourself time to make mistakes and learn from them on your road to affiliate marketing success. You’ll be glad that you did.

Here’s a walk through of what wealthy affiliate offers and how to use it: