Do you need a freelance writer to create content for your B2B website? I am focused on creating content that converts! I specialize in SAAS blog posts and newsletters that grab your reader’s attention and hold it until they complete your call to action. 

Exciting Titles

Without titles that spark your interest and engage the reader, your emails won’t be opened and readers will gloss past blog posts with boring titles. 

Shareable Content

Anyone can write a blog post. However, to get the most mileage out of your content, you want to ensure that you have actionable tips, it is interesting and valuable to your audience. 

Engaging Posts

While it can be great to inform your readers about the latest tools of the trade, you want your readers to be engaged with your posts. They should include calls to action, invitations to make purchases and reminders to share the information with their friends. In other words, your blog posts shouldn’t just inform your audience, they should engage them as well. 

Content marketing

Blog posts are many times the first introduction that a customer gets to your company and product. Make sure you’re providing the most relevant and up to date content to your industry. 

Email Sales Copy

Email marketing is not dead. It still has one of the highest ROIs for marketing methods. Writing that copy should trigger a desire for the reader to open it and stay completely entranced as they ponder each word and whether your product will deliver on its promises. 

Audience Building

Having a good blog post isn’t enough these days. You need content that gets shared with enticing calls to action. You need customers who are looking forward to your next piece of content and sharing them with their friends. My audience building strategies will help you with that. 

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