Is Viral Cash App a Scam?

Viral Cash App Review

Name: Viral Cash App


Price: $24.95

Owners: Matthew Neer

Overall Rank: 30 out of 100

Viral Cash App, Product Overview

Viral Cash App is the revolutionary secret method that enables you to earn money by watching and sharing videos. You will get paid when other people watch videos online. This app helps you to make a ton of money through display advertising. As people view viral videos from your site, you will get paid. It is automated. Or so they say!

You have to set up the parameters within your site. You don’t need to buy a domain name or hosting because it is an app. It is pre-monetized with your links. You don’t have to do any selling. You can also put these on sites and sell the sites when they start making money.

However, there are some major pitfalls to using viral cash app. If you are setting it up as an app, you need people to find the app. If you are placing it on a website, then the search engines probably won’t refer people to your website. You won’t receive free traffic because the content is duplicate content.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1: You get instant access to this and you can start right away earning money online.

PRO #2: You can make a lot of money. You will get a paycheck from multiple sources on multiple days per week.

PRO #3: Some people are making more per month that others make in a year. It can be very life changing.

PRO#4: The steps to setting it up are simple! 

  • Step #1 Log In
  • Step #2 Choose a Category
  • Step #3: Pick a Keyword
  • Step #4: Add monetization codes
  • Step #5: Click – You’re done!

Those are the steps to set it up. However, generating traffic to your site so people will watch the videos on them will take another step. You can learn how to generate traffic online through wealthy affiliate.

The Bad:

CON #1: It does take some time to figure out how to set it up.

CON #2: Not everyone will have success with it.

CON #3: No free traffic from the search engines. You’ll have to master a social media sharing type of strategy, which can take you lots of time. Not everyone who watches the video on your site will share it. Unless you have thousands of followers already, it is unlikely that this app will generate you a lot of revenue.

CON #4: The conversions on your site will be low. The monetization is not targeted to the videos that are shown. Therefore, the people watching your videos are not likely to click on the links and make purchases. People will probably come to the site, watch the videos and leave without taking any revenue generating activity.

Who is Viral Cash App For?

This is for the affiliate marketer who wants to venture into the app arena. It is for the person who is technologically savvy and wants to increase his or her cash streams. This is not for the newbie affiliate marketer. This is for someone who is already generating a ton of traffic and wants to add some fun viral videos to their site to enhance it. It is unlikely to work on a new site with relatively little traffic.

Viral Cash App Tools & Training

The training for the Viral Cash App is done through videos. If you want additional help, you can join a membership area that has an additional monthly fee. 

Viral Cash App Support

You can email Michael Neer with questions regarding setting up the Viral Cash App.

Viral Cash App Price

The viral cash app costs $24.95, but there are a lot of upsells to get it working correctly. You’ll need to pay for additional member’s training access.

Since the product doesn’t generate traffic for you, most of the time, you won’t be earning money from it. They offer you a solution for that in the upsell, but I wouldn’t expect much from their solution.

I wouldn’t recommend buying upsells to make the basic program work.

The member’s area has many banners of other affiliate products with affiliate links, which is ridiculous that they would need to offer them to you.

When you combine all the upsells, the program ends up costing you $490 for an app that uploads YouTube videos and creates ads with your affiliate link.

The starting price is $47, but they lower it if you start to move away from the website to half price. They play the discount and upsell game on their sales page a lot.

My Final Opinion of Viral Cash App

I truly would be shocked if I found someone who was actually making money with Viral Cash App. To make a decent amount of money on YouTube, you need thousands of followers watching your videos every day. It is very difficult to build a brand around viral videos. It isn’t that it can’t be done, but you probably need to have your own website, list and be building a brand and adding value on your own.

Viral Cash App at a Glance…

Name:Viral Cash App


Owners: Matthew Neer

Price: $24.95

Overall Scam Rank: 30 out of 100

VERDICT: NOT LEGIT – I do not recommend this product at all. It would be much wiser to invest in some real affiliate marketing training and to actually build your own website. Then you own the website and can determine what traffic to send to it, what advertisements are going to be seen on it and how you want to present information on the website. You can find viral videos on your own and add them to your website.

In the comments below, let me know what your thoughts on Viral Cash App are. Do you think it is a scam or could you figure out a way to overcome the challenges of duplicate content and low relevant advertisements?


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