How to Write a Book in 90 Days or Less!

It is very possible to write your own book in a very short amount of time. Politicians, entertainers and lots of other people do it all the time to promote their work. There are people who write for a living who have to produce content in a short amount of time. Many people talk about writing for a long time, but they don’t follow through with their writing project.

Writing a book can be very cathartic for people who are sharing their story. It is a great way to share ideas and get your message out there. For the small business owner, it is a wonderful tool to become seen as an expert in your field. There are many great reasons to write a book, but in order to get it done, you will need to have a strategy and target goals.

Set a Daily Writing Goal

Some people are not disciplined and don’t know where to start. If you haven’t ever tackled a writing project in the past, a great place to start is with a writing goal. Set aside a time period to write each day. Make sure that no one interrupts you during this time and you are able to write 500-1000 words.

This will help you to elaborate on a concept.

Create an Outline for Your Writing

Decide on the topics that you want your book to cover before writing. This will help you when you are not feeling like writing or don’t know what to write about. You should have at least ten main topics for your book. You will turn these topics into chapters of your book. Ten is a good number to have in your book.

For non-fiction books, you will want to make sure that you are writing topics that solve people’s problems or are very interesting. You can discover what people are searching for by doing a bit of keyword research as you are deciding on your topics and chapters.

Write a Blog Post a Day

For this book writing strategy, I recommend writing 500-1000 words per day. I actually encourage people to write in the form of a blog. This accomplishes two things – it helps you to build out your content on a consistent basis and it helps you to gain an online audience who will purchase your book.

The additional benefit of writing a blog to use as your source of content for your book is that you can monetize your blog and earn money from people who are watching your progress. Your blog will serve to market your book. It provides an additional source of income.

As you get the hang of writing blog posts, you blog becomes a great tool for communicating with your followers. These followers eventually become buyers and clients of yours!



Research your topic for keywords

Your book and your blog should be researched for search engine optimization. This helps to create a passive income stream when you can’t promote your book. People will start to find you through the search engine. As long as your blog and your book contain keywords, Google and other search engines will refer people who are searching for those terms to your content. This can help you earn money when they buy products from your affiliate links or purchase your book!

Many people make the mistake of not finding out before writing their book if people are searching for their topic. I know that I have made that mistake! You want to find a topic for your book that has a few thousand searches per month. You will want to include some of these keywords into your title and description, so that when people search in Amazon, they are able to find your book and purchase it!

Put it Together

After 90 days, you should have a solid foundation for a book. Take the content that you have written on your blog posts and combine it. You will edit it and cut out some redundancies. Then you will want to get a book template and put the information into a book PDF format.

Once you have the book in a PDF format, you can upload it to CreateSpace, Amazon’s online publishing company or KindleDirect if you are publishing an e book version.

You absolutely can get your book written in 90 days or fewer if you are good at setting and achieving goals. You can even knock it out in a weekend! If you aren’t good at setting and achieving goals, you may want to improve in that area. Some great ways to ensure that you meet your deadlines are to listen to positive affirmations surrounding your goals, reward yourself for meeting your goals, have consequences for not meeting your goals, share your progress with an accountability partner, or you can even take a course like Alicia Dunams’ Bestseller in a Weekend to learn how to not only put your book together quickly, but also learn how to effectively market it in online!



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