How to Find Low Competition Keywords with High Traffic

So, if you are on a shoestring budget as an affiliate marketer, you are going to want to make the most of search engine optimization. You are going to want to utilize the strategy of finding low competition keywords that also have high amounts of traffic to maximize your chances of getting traffic to your website.

How to…

You will be looking for longer keywords. Simply by adding how to to something will help lower your competition. How to lose weight, how to make money online, how to write a resume, how to bounce on a trampoline, how to strengthen your leg muscles. You get the idea. You want to pick up traffic from information seekers. They may not know about the product that will offer them more information on the topic, but you can provide that to them in your article or blog post.

Product Reviews

People want to read reviews about products before they buy them. Even though this site is mainly for people who want to make money online without an investment, I included some product reviews of products that I have tried. This lowers my competition to other people who are writing reviews about the product.

Is it a scam?

Believe it or not, adding the word scam to something reduces the competition for a high competition keyword. Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam? Is Bestseller in a Weekend a Scam? Is the government a scam? Is Beachbody a scam? Is Avon a scam? For some reason, people are drawn to the idea that we are getting scammed right and left. We probably are, but most products are simply product from people who are honestly trying to earn a living. It is good to question whether or not they are a scam, but it is an internet marketing trick to question whether something is a scam. From what I’ve seen online, a lot of marketers question whether something is a scam and then give an evaluation of the product. It worked though. They got you interested and clicking on their website.

Get Specific About the Topic

When I was writing my Bestseller with Alicia Dunams, I found that epilepsy was a highly searched term, however it was too high with the competition. What I needed to do was look for how to solve a problem with epilepsy. I brainstormed about what the population would want. I came up with the idea that people may be interested in the “causes of seizures.” By adding this phrase to my subtitle, I created a book that sells over and over each month without me promoting it. My book, in case you are interested is Seizure Free – Addressing the Causes of Seizures Naturally.

You’ll want to dig deeper into the topic. You can connect two ideas such as “epilepsy and the ketogenic diet,” or “epilepsy and acupuncture.” The “ketogenic diet and diabetes.” You’ll reduce the competition on high volume keywords by adding another keyword that is connected to it.

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