How to Blog for Profits – 5 Key Elements and Mistakes to Avoid

Blogging for profit can enrich your life. You can share your knowledge on a topic that you are passionate about while earning an income online. It becomes a win-win for the person who enjoys creating content and writing. It can become an expensive hobby when you aren’t sure what direction you are taking with your blog. There are a few things that you can do as a blogger to set yourself up for success.

1. Define Your Target Audience

If you decide in the beginning who your target audience is going to be, it will be far easier to write appealing content for that audience. When your content appeals to your target audience, it gets comments, likes and shares in social media. People who find it interesting and engaging will share it. You have a better chance of going viral with your content when it resonates with people.

However, you can make the ultimate mistake of starting without a clear target market. I will admit that is what I did with this website. I waffled about what the purpose and focus of it was going to be. To that end, this particular blog has not produced a lot of cash for me. Luckily, I have another blog. I defined the audience and the niche much better and it started generating sales for me! I did this when writing books as well. My first book, I followed the Bestseller in a Weekend formula that Alicia Dunams set out for us. I defined my target audience and put keywords in the title. My book sold without much marketing when I used keywords in the title. My second book, I decided to deviate from the formula a bit more and used a creative title with alliteration. It sounds great, but it doesn’t sell. Learn from my mistakes! Always define your target audience.

Mistake: Not having a target audience in mind when writing your content.

2. Stick to the Topic (Niche)

People go to websites looking for information on a specific topic. Your website will look more authoritative when you stay on the topic and provide as much relevant information as possible. You can have a few different categories on your website that are related to the topic, but don’t create a website and then veer off to a topic that may be beneficial for some readers, but isn’t necessarily on topic.

It is tempting to create a site that has a lot of different information about many things. For example, if you are starting a website on gardening, you will want to pick a type first and exhaust all of your knowledge about that topic before adding more to it. Don’t create a container gardening website and then start talking about raised beds or seed starting. Stick with container gardening. It can be tomato growing in containers or composting in containers, but try your best to stick with the topic.

Mistake: Writing a few posts about your niche and then venturing into a topic that is not really related.

3. Keyword Research

Before you write your first post, you’re going to want to do some keyword research to see if there are even people online who care about your content. You are looking for a high number of monthly searches for your topic. This is essential because you want to make sure that people are even interested in the niche that you have selected. But the research does not stop there! You want to check out the competition. You are looking for high search volume and low competition numbers. This is important because as a new website, your content won’t make it to the top results of Google if there is a ton of competition. It won’t matter that you have written the most amazing content if no one reads it! So, you’re looking for longer keywords that have a less competition.

I’ve made the ultimate keyword research error by writing a blog post and not checking out on Google who my competitors were. If you find that there are major websites that are ranking on the first and second page for the keywords that you are targeting, it is time to take a step back and tweak the keywords a bit. It is very difficult to knock a five or ten-year website out of the top position when they have a decent article. The time you spent writing the article suddenly feels like it is wasted. The only people who will find it are the ones that you share it with and maybe some social media shares.

Mistake: Failing to check out the competition on Google.

4. Search Engine Optimization

Having a high volume and low competition keyword is great, but you have to place the keywords properly in your pages and posts. Make sure that you have a web page that has the keyword in the title. Ideally, you want to use the keyword naturally as you are writing your content. It should show up in your 1000 word article about 1-2% of the time. Ideally, you will place the keyword in the title and then again in the first paragraph. This should be enough to let the search engines know that your content is relevant to the keywords.

My biggest mistake with search engine optimization was overusing the keyword. When I started out, I used the keywords every chance I could get. This came across as spam and even I hated reading it. It was not natural and didn’t sound interesting or engaging. I sounded like I was a spam bot.

Mistake: Overusing keywords to the point where it sounds like spam.

5. Social Media Strategy

Getting people to start reading your content is your number one goal as a blogger. You should be sharing your content on every social media website that you are on. This will give your website the best chance of being found by Google and read by your target market. When you start out, try to master one social media strategy. There are a ton of different social media platforms, but you can’t be a master of all of them. Specialize in one and simply share your content to the others.

My biggest mistake with social media and blogging was being too timid and shy to share my content on social media. I was afraid of criticism and judgment in the beginning. This is just something that you have to overcome, especially if you want to succeed online.

Mistake: Not sharing my content because I felt like it wasn’t good enough for my friends to read.



Affiliate Ninja Pro Review

Affiliate Ninja Pro Review 

Name: Affiliate Ninja Pro


Price: $17.00 for the starter

Owners: Dr. Amit Pareet and Er Ashu Kamar

Overall Rank: 80 out of 100

AffiliateNinjaPro, Product Overview

AffiliateNinjaPro is a cloud based software that creates instant 1-click profitable affiliate funnels that builds you a HUGE list, gets targeted traffic and affiliate commissions on 100% autopilot. This software gives you the opportunity to create tons of profitable affiliate funnels, boost sales and commissions on autopilot.

  • This is a cloud-based platform which creates A Cloud-based Platform That Creates 1-Click Profitable Affiliate Funnels
  • You receive twenty converting and high paying sales funnels to promote. 20 Proven Converting & high paying  
  • Fifteen Lead Funnel Templates that are Ready-To-Use 
  • This Software automates viral traffic for you!
  • Easy Autoresponder integration to collect all your leads
  • You can build an unlimited number of sales funnels. 
  • This software is mobile friendly and you can use it on a phone, tablet or computer. 

This software works well with all the major autoresponders, such as MailPrimo, MailZingo, Aweber, GetResponse, etc.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1: It has sales funnel templates that are created for you to use.

PRO #2: You can simply plug in your affiliate link into the sales funnel.

PRO #3: The software is supposed to help with SEO and generating traffic to these offers.

PRO#4: It is an affordable solution. Many people spend roughly $100 on Clickfunnels each month. This is a one time payment of about $39.97. No monthly fees!

The Bad:

CON #1: You will still have to drive traffic to an initial offer. As much as they promote a done-for-you type of service, there will still be plenty for you to do on your own. Don’t fall for that.

CON #2: Creating a sales funnel requires writing effective emails that are targeted to your product. This is not going to do that for you. You will want to review the content that you are sending through your funnel.
CON #3: It is unlikely that this sales funnel will be successful if everyone is using it. It won’t be unique.

Who is AffiliateNinjaPro for?

This is for the lazy marketer who doesn’t want to set up a sales funnel. It is also for the newbie marketer who thinks that profits will just come with automated software. They rarely do, or else everyone would be using it.

AffiliateNinjaPro Tools & Training

AffiliateNinjaPro provides training for their software through videos. These videos are step by step. They tell you exactly what to do. The videos demonstrate how to set up your sales funnel and how to connect it to the autoresponder.

AffiliateNinjaPro Support

The support offered with this product is through email.

AffiliateNinjaPro Price

This product starts at $17 for the beginning software package. This gives you one sales funnel to test out and see if you like the product. If you want to increase the number of sales funnels that you create, you can spend $29 for ten sales funnels. The professional package is $39.97 for an unlimited number of sales funnels.

This is actually a pretty good price for a funnel builder. In comparison, Clickfunnels is $99 per month. Other funnel creators are $87. This is a decent price for a funnel builder, especially if you are a beginner and aren’t as comfortable with sales funnel building.

My Final Opinion of AffiliateNinjaPro

This is a great product for people who are interested in list-building and have a strong understanding of how to drive traffic to their offers. Keep in mind that driving traffic to an offer is one of the most important things that an affiliate can do. You will be doing all the work, but AffiliateNinjaPro can make your life a little easier by providing you with a template for your sales funnel. That alone is worth the $17.

AffiliateNinjaPro software uses social media and shares your affiliate funnels on top social platforms in order to build your list. In my experience, when you automate social media, you don’t get great results. It will most likely only be seen by people who are already in your network. This means that it isn’t targeting your offers to the target market.

AffiliateNinjaPro at a Glance…

Name: Affiliate Ninja Pro


Owners: Dr. Amit Pareet and Er Ashu Kamar

Price: $17

Overall Scam Rank: 80 out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT – This will build a sales funnel for you. However, you must be willing to generate your own traffic. This is the most difficult part of affiliate marketing. Wealthy Affiliate can teach you how to effectively drive traffic to your website and create great affiliate offers.

The 72 Amazing Ways to Internet Profits

I love to check out free books. Some books are “free” but they require you to pay for shipping and handling. Others are “free” but they want you to give them your email address. Today, I came across a free book that I just had to check out. It is The 72 Amazing Ways to Internet Profits. I’ve figured out a few ways to internet profits, but I was interested in finding the other ways, so I thought I’d check it out!

I wasn’t disappointed. I discovered that Patric Chan has a very simple way of explaining internet marketing techniques. He puts everything in layman’s terms. His writing style was very easy to understand.

The 72 Amazing Ways to Internet Profits Review

Name: The 72 Amazing Ways to Internet Profits


Price: FREE + shipping and handling ($7.95)

Owners: Patric Chan

Overall Rank: 80 out of 100

The 72 Amazing Ways to Internet Profits by Patric Chan, Book Overview

The 72 Amazing Ways to Internet Profits is a book on the many ways that you can make money on the internet. Patric Chan is using his book as a way to introduce you to his more expensive courses and coaching programs. His book is great. He brings up many familiar ideas on how to sell products online, but also suggests ways that you may not have thought about for making money online.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1: The book is fairly comprehensive. It is 197 of pure internet marketing content.

PRO #2: He breaks down how much it realistically will cost to start a website. You will need about $100-$200 to get started with an internet business.

PRO #3: He has some solid suggestions for scaling your business up online. He makes some great recommendations about putting your efforts into online products that are winners and cutting the losers quickly.

The Bad:

CON #1: He charges $7.95 for shipping. Book rate shipping is less than $2. The book isn’t really free. However, as an author, my guess is that he is taking a loss on the book, but using it as a lead generation source. The rest of the money that is paid for shipping is probably going to an affiliate and the person who has to address the book, label it and take it to the post office.

CON #2: You probably will not receive this book in two days because it won’t be shipped to you via Amazon Prime.
CON #3: You also entered your email address in order to receive this book free. Be prepared to get additional emails from Patric Chan with up sells and additional marketing information.

Who is The 72 Ways to Internet Profits for?

This book is for the internet and affiliate marketer who are interested in content creation and online marketing. This book can help you generate ideas for your next online marketing campaign or your next course creation idea. Patric Chan reviews what internet marketing techniques are currently working for him and some other popular internet marketing techniques.

The 72 Ways to Internet Profits Tools & Training

This is simply a book to introduce you to Patric Chan’s ideas and expertise. Additional tools and training are going to be additional costs. Patric Chan has a monthly subscription site to keep you updated on the latest in online marketing trends.

The 72 Ways to Internet Profits Price
You can pick up the book free + $7.95 in shipping. This is actually very reasonable for a book. There are up sells! The Profit Windfall is $9.88. Mass Bot Profits is a one time payment of $197. Finally, Fast Cash Series is a monthly payment of $47 per month.

My Final Opinion of The 72 Ways to Internet Profits

I enjoyed the book and gained some great insights into making money online. I got a few new ideas from it and some techniques that I was already using were reinforced. You can check out the first seven chapters free of charge and see if you like Patric Chan’s straightforward writing style. He does a great job of explaining online marketing techniques.

The 72 Ways to Internet Profits at a Glance…

Name: The 72 Ways to Internet Profits


Owners: Patric Chan

Price: FREE + $7.95 processing and handling

Overall Scam Rank: 80 out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT – This is legit. You’ll gain a lot of great ideas for your internet marketing. However, it is not my #1 recommendation for internet marketing training. I loved Wealthy Affiliate’s checklists to keep me on track and moving forward with their internet marketing training.



How to Make Money Online Without A Website

Many people are intimidated by the idea of owning a website. Others just want to learn how to make money without a website so they won’t have to worry about creating new content and keeping their website updated. It is possible to make money online without a website. It isn’t ideal, but it is definitely something that you can do! The steps to making money online without a website are fairly straightforward and anyone can do it. It is important to note that while you may not need a website, you will need to drive traffic to your affiliate link. Click here for free step-by-step training on how to set up a profitable blog. 

Step 1. Look for a Product to Promote

The first thing that you are going to do is to look for great products on Clickbank or MaxBounty. There are thousands of products. There is also no magic formula to figuring out which products are going to sell or not. It is going to be based on your market and what they want.

When you go to Clickbank, you may want to click on organize it by popularity. Popular products are more likely to sell. You will also want to check out the gravity of the product as you are shopping around for your next product to promote. Steer clear of products that have a gravity close to 0. The lower the gravity score, the poorer the sales are for the product. Ideally, you want to find products that are closer to 100 in gravity.

Step 2. Test out the Sales Page

After you’ve found a product with a solid gravity and popularity score in Clickbank, you’ll want to visit the sales page. Make sure it is still working! Sometimes, products go off the market on Clickbank, so testing out the sales page is always a good idea.

As you peruse the sales page, you’ll want to make note of the benefits of the product. Get an idea of who they are trying to market to and what they are trying to fix. The sales page gives you a lot of information that you will use in your advertisements. It also has pictures that you can use to promote the product on a Facebook page, on a free Blogspot blog, or even on Instagram.

Step 3. Get a Domain

Wait a minute, Melinda, I thought you said I didn’t need a website. Don’t sweat it. Having the domain doesn’t put you on the hook for hosting and maintenance of a website. You don’t have to create anything with this method. A domain can be purchase for as inexpensively as $1 from websites such as GoDaddy and Bluehost.

The domain that you select should have some relevant keywords in the URL. If you are finding it difficult to find keywords, think long tail keywords. Add some buyer keywords to the front or back of the keywords. For example “” Adding informative keywords, such as “how to” can help you find a free domain as well.

Step 4. Forward the Domain to Your Affiliate Link

You want to make sure you get paid. Grab your affiliate link from Clickbank and connect it to your domain. You will want to forward your domain to your affiliate link. This can be done by going into Manage DNS and then Forwarding. Click on the option “Forward with Masking” and “Save.” Now when you give someone your URL, they are forwarded to your affiliate link and will see the sales page.

This will help you get your ads approved by Bing. You can easily send someone to a domain like “” rather than “” Do you see the difference? People remember keywords, but they don’t remember to add your hoplink! The hoplink is how you are going to get paid, so it is worth paying anywhere from $1-10 for a domain.

Step 5. Send Traffic to Your Link

The more eyeballs on your affiliate link, the more likely that you are to make sales, especially if you have done some homework and are targeting relevant keywords. The more relevant your keywords are, the more likely you will make sales.

So, how do you send people to your website? The fastest way to do it without a website is through sharing your link on social media or through Bing ads. Each method has their own advantages and disadvantages.

Sharing your affiliate link on social media can look to a lot of people like just spam unless you can provide a positive review of the product. Social media isn’t always targeted and often only about 1/10 of your total connections end up seeing what you have posted.

Bing ads can be targeted to people who are searching for a solution to their problems. Bing ads can help you drive traffic to your promotion quickly, but you do have to have a budget and spend some money to discover which campaigns and advertisements are going to work for you!


You can absolutely earn money online without a website. However, you do have to get a bit more creative with where you are getting your traffic from and how you are using your advertisements. You will be sending them directly to a salespage, so you won’t be able to do much pre-selling with a review. However, that gives you more time to analyze how well the sales page performs for you.

If you are great at social media and are building a youtube following, you can market your product with videos and use the description to send people to your affiliate offer. This is a great strategy because people have a tendency to trust people who they can see and hear through videos. If you are good at creating video content consistently, you can start to make sales to your followers. However, you’ll want to also add value to your audience by making sure that not every one of your videos is selling a product or service.

Another great strategy that you can use is to send your leads to a landing page where they enter their email. Once you have their email, you can send them more emails in the future. Email marketing is still alive and well, even if you are like me and more annoyed by it than anything else.




How to Sell Digital Products on a Blog – 5 Simple Steps!

Creating and maintaining a blog can be hard work when you aren’t earning money from it. It can take a while before you have a considerable amount of traffic and readers. Believe me, I’ve started blogs before around some of my hobbies. It was easy to give up on them when I didn’t see any money coming in from my efforts. I also didn’t see a lot of comments and feedback at the start of it. When I learned how to sell digital products on a blog, I was hooked. Now my writing efforts were not only feeding my creative spirit, but they were putting some money in my pocket! Click here to get step-by-step affiliate blog training. 

Step 1 – Find a Product

There are thousands of digital products online in almost every niche. Digital products are great because they are instantly delivered to your customers and the commissions tend to be much higher than physical products, some are up to 50%. Physical product affiliate commissions tend to be around 6-10% depending on the retailer. Amazon is one of the lowest at 6%, but it is one of the most trusted retailers with products in every niche.

There are a number of networks that you can go to in order to find the perfect digital product for your niche. I always check out Clickbank first because it is the easiest to use. is another affiliate network that has plenty of digital products to promote.

Finding a product inside an affiliate network is simple, you just search for it. Another easy way to find affiliate products in your niche is to type into Google the keyword + affiliate. This will pull up a lot of different products that have affiliate networks.

Step 2 – Snag the Affiliate Link

You want to make sure that you get credit for the sale! It is essential that you use your affiliate link and not the sales page. The affiliate link will put a cookie on the website of the person who is reading your content. If they decide to purchase the product after being referred through your affiliate link, you will receive a commission.

In Clickbank, all you have to do to get the affiliate link, is to click on the promote button next to the product when you are looking at the different products in the marketplace. A pop-up window will appear and then you will copy the link. In JVZOO, the owners of the product have to approve you as an affiliate first before they will give you affiliate links.

Step 3 – Write a Review of the Product

Many people don’t know where to put their links or how to refer people to affiliate products. The best thing to do is to intermix your blog content with reviews that are relevant to your niche. For example, if your blog is about city gardening, you may want to include digital products that are related to square foot gardening or container gardening.

It doesn’t matter if you give the product a good review or a bad review. You want to give the product an honest review. People will trust you more when you are honest. Believe it or not, you can still earn a commission from a negative review. Some people may be dead set on buying the product anyway. Many people hear about a product and then google the reviews. This saves them a step. You provide them with the review and the link to the website.

Your review should be very informative. You should identify the pros and the cons of the product in your review. The review should also include who would benefit the most from the product. You also want to write about some features that make the product unique and special. Identify the selling points of the digital product.

You should purchase the product yourself and at least skim through them to see if your readers would be interested in it. Most digital online products do have a money-back guarantee, so if you determine that the product isn’t a great fit for you, you can return the product. You can also contact the owner of the product and ask for a free copy to review on your website if money is tight.

Step 4 – Add Some Visuals

One thing that is different about blogs than about writing books is that you need to have visuals to break up some text. People appreciate having something to look at when they are on websites. In books, pictures aren’t as necessary. People e

xpect to be scanning through a page that is text heavy when they read a book.

Once you finish writing your review, you’ll want to shop around for some pictures that you can use to promote the digital product. Be careful about just using any picture online. There are copyright issues with just using a picture you find when you search on Google images. However, since you are promoting a digital product, you can grab the pictures that are on the sales page. I use Jing to grab pictures and even testimonials from the sales page and use them on my own review.

You can use stock photo images on your website as well. Another great thing that you can do is go to and create a banner for the digital product. Then you can have your audience click on the banner. You can use the banner on other pages that may be relevant, but not directly promoting the product.


Step 5- Share Your Review

Now, that you have a great review of a digital product that is relevant to your niche, it is time to get some traffic to it! You should start sharing your review on social media in order to get some instant traffic. The first places to start sharing are your family and friends, so start with Facebook and LinkedIn. You should also share it on Twitter, Pinterest and Google +. These networks will help you to get eyeballs on your review right away.

You can build a great following through social media, which will drive traffic to your blog. Ideally, you will want to focus on one social media network and build up a good following so that you can easily drive traffic to your website whenever you want to make sales. Learn how to tweet effectively or become an influencer in a Facebook group. Share your stuff on all networks, but focus on mastering and engaging in one network before moving on to learning another one.

Keep Learning and Growing

Your first few attempts at selling a digital product on your blog may not result in any sales. Don’t worry about it! That is normal. That may simply be due to the fact that your website is relatively new and there isn’t a ton of traffic yet. Keep learning about your niche. Continue to write and people will gain interest in your content. I joined the Wealthy Affiliate network as a way to learn affiliate marketing and stick with it until I actually was making sales. It was one of the best things that I did! The community provides me with great feedback to improve not only my writing and sales, but also the look and feel of my website.

As long as you stick with affiliate marketing, you’ll eventually be able to make sales from your blog. Just think about it, you’ll have this wonderful website that keeps getting bigger and better the more that you work on it. A traditional sales person has to continually build trust and make sales calls and redo his efforts with each new person. However, a blogger has many sales pages out there that can provide a nice source of passive income.





Clickbank Affiliate Magic Review – Is it worth it?

Clickbank Affiliate Magic Review

Name: CB Affiliate Magic


Price: $27


Overall Rank: 60 out of 100

Clickbank Affiliate Magic, Product Overview

This is a digital app that enables you to create a stunning catalog of clickbank products that fit into a certain niche. It allows you to add YouTube videos and reviews. Multiple clickbank products can be featured at once. For $27, you will receive:

  • CB Affiliate Magic Application
  • Video Tutorials on how to use the product.
  • Free software updates for the coming year.
  • Unlimited use and developer license
  • Technical support.
  • A 60 day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied.

Clickbank affiliate magic enables you to create a suitable catalog title, add a short description, and adjust the colors to fit your theme and design. You can also embed some additional links in the catalog. These can be links to their website, opt-in page, or other CPA offers. You can further customize it with a banner or review video.


The Good & the Bad
The Good:

PRO #1: Quickly put together a catalog of clickbank products in your chosen niche.

PRO #2: Lots of visual interest to captivate your audience with the catalog.

PRO #3: You can customize it for wordpress and Blogspot blogs. This enables you to utilize it on free platforms as well as your own domain. These features enables you to test out different markets and niches without risking any of your own money. These catalogs can also be hosted on a Facebook page, to maximize your Facebook traffic.

The Bad:

CON #1: This does not get traffic and people to your website. You will still have to work hard to attract people to your website through sharing your links via social media, search engine optimization, or paying people to click on your advertisements.

CON #2: These types of catalogs may spark someone’s interest, but they may google a review of the product and read up on it somewhere else and purchase it there. You need to provide more value to your audience than a simple clickbank online catalog.
Who is CB Affiliate Magic For?

This is for the affiliate marketer who promotes clickbank digital products and wants to enhance the visual content of his or her website. I would recommend this more for an intermediate affiliate marketer who wants to create visual interest on their website with a catalog of products.

I don’t view this as a product that will make money for newbies. They need to learn how to drive traffic to their website before anyone will even see their links, etc.

CB Affiliate Magic Tools & Training

CB Affiliate Magic does come with training videos that will walk you step by step through setting this up on your blog or Facebook page.


The support offered with the product is through email. You can contact them with any questions regarding the product at Their response time is typically 24-48 hours.

CB Affiliate Magic Price

The cost of this product is $27. I don’t feel that this is a wildly useful product for the affiliate marketer in my opinion, but if you are looking to add some cool features to your website, clickbank catalogs could fit the bill. At $27, it won’t break the bank. It will jazz up some pages in your website. You can refer people to the catalog and maybe make a sale or two here and there.

My Final Opinion of Clickbank Affiliate Magic

While this product does enable some cool online catalog creations, I don’t see much need for it. People are used to seeing advertisements online and ignoring them. In my opinion, a personal review with your own YouTube video will be much more personal and effective. You are much more likely to make sales when you have used the product, reviewed it and endorsed it.

You don’t need Clickbank Affiliate Magic. Creating a product review and adding photos and banners on your own website is simple and easy enough to do. You would be better off spending money on learning effective affiliate marketing techniques, such as the ones that Wealthy Affiliate teaches.

Clickbank affiliate magic may just serve to confuse your audience. They will see a whole host of niche products that they are interested in learning more about. However, it can be overwhelming to see a ton of products that you need. Additionally, they will likely want to read a review and determine which one is the best. If that isn’t already available on your website, they may end up clicking on someone else’s affiliate link and giving them the sale.

It will create a visually interesting catalog that you can use on your website and refer your readers to from time to time. It will display a lot of niches clickbank products nicely for you with a few clicks of the mouse. However, I wouldn’t count on it to make a ton of sales.

Clickbank Affiliate Magic at a Glance…

Name: Clickbank Affiliate Magic



Price: $27

Overall Scam Rank: 60 out of 100

VERDICT: NOT LEGIT – You can do better. I don’t recommend this product. While it isn’t a scam and it does work, you won’t automatically see an increase in sales just by using it.

Simple Video Supremacy – Is it the best Video Marketing Education Course Online

Simple Video Supremacy Review

Name: Simple Video Supremacy


Price: $4.95

Owners: Noel Cunningham

Overall Rank: 0 out of 100

Unfortunately, this course is no longer available. Stay tuned for my current recommendations.

Video Marketing Traffic Pro, Product Overview

This is a course that will take you from A to Z in video marketing on YouTube. It starts out with a PDF and 20 video modules that explain exactly what you need to do.

You’ll learn why videos are so effective. Every day, 100 million internet users watch online videos. Ninety percent of online shoppers say that they find video helpful in making buying decisions. Fifty percent of executives watch business-related videos on YouTube. The average internet user spends about sixteen minutes watching online video advertisements every month.

In Simple Video Supremacy, you’ll learn how to create an effective introduction for your video. You’ll discover how to create effective, yet simple video presentations. You’ll also learn how to create engaging videos, which can help you to keep the top rankings.

The Good & the Bad
The Good:

PRO #1: This training is delivered digitally to you and you have immediate access to the training.

PRO #2: This training provides step-by-step guidelines, including a checklist to ensure that you are doing the right things to rank with your videos.

PRO #3: Video helps you to connect with your audience faster. Videos rapidly build trust and many people trust a video more than a website.

PRO#4: The price is great! You can’t beat a course for under $5. This shoestring budget training is easily accessible for even the cheapest marketers!

The Bad:

CON #1: It isn’t terribly difficult to rank with videos if there are no other videos on YouTube with your keyword. If you do some correct keyword research, the task of ranking your video won’t be that difficult.

CON #2: If you are brand new to YouTube, it will most likely take some time for you to build an audience. Consistency and hard work is the key to having success online, whether it be on YouTube or through your own website.

Who is Video Marketing Traffic Pro For?

This training is designed for the affiliate marketer who is looking to get into videos. It can also be used by someone who has their own offline business who wants to take it to the next level with videos.

Video Marketing Traffic Pro will teach you how to create an effective intro, how to make creation engagement videos, it will teach you the top video sharing sites and how you can leverage them for even more traffic. You will also learn some highly effective video tricks as well as the ever important dos and don’ts.

Simple Video Supremacy Tools & Training

This product is delivered to you through email. You will have access to video trainings as well as PDF checklists to ensure that you are completing all the important tasks to help you reach your goals.

In addition to the video marketing course, you will also receive some bonuses that will help you take it to the next level. You’ll also receive YouTube video rank pro, Video Web Wizard 2.0, and Facebook Ads Executive.

You get twenty training videos, PDF report, an A-Z blueprint for your success, and step by step checklists to hold yourself accountable.

Simple Video Supremacy Support

In addition to training modules, you get support through a VIP Facebook group and a Private Member’s area.

Simple Video Supremacy Price

Simple Video Supremacy is priced very competitively at $4.95! This is an amazing price for the value that you receive. 

My Final Opinion of Simple Video Supremacy

I think this is a great value for your money. You will learn a lot of information about how to put together videos and effectively rank them. This is great for the affiliate marketer who is more interested in creating videos online and ranking them than writing up a blog on a daily basis.

For only $4.95, you receive all the training and tools that you need to get started with marketing video online! This fits even the tightest budgets. Not only that, but you also get a Facebook group and member’s area.

Simple Video Supremacy at a Glance…

Name: Simple Video Supremacy


Owners: Noel Cunningham

Price: $4.95

Overall Scam Rank: 0 out of 100

VERDICT: Not Legit. This product has been recalled.

Get Started with Youtube Video Marketing – Tips for Success!

When it comes to internet marketing, YouTube and video content marketing is a powerful tool. If you aren’t using video content marketing there are some powerful reasons to consider doing so now. Before you dismiss the idea because you are camera shy, consider whether you watch videos on YouTube for information. Do you enjoy it?

Top 5 Reasons to Start Using Video Content Marketing

  1. Videos are very easy to make once you get the hang of it. You can talk much faster than you type, even if you are a very fast typist! It is natural to be a bit shy about talking into a video when you start out. Not everyone is an extrovert, but as you improve, you will become much more comfortable with it.
  2. Videos lead to higher conversions than texts. This is why we see so many sales pages that have an accompanying video to view. It is proven that a site with both video and text will convert at a higher rate than one with just text. While some people prefer to read and others prefer text, if you have both on your page, you will be catering to both demographics.
  3. You can easily help people with videos. If you are sick of explaining a basic concept, create a video. Then you just need to refer people to your video! It is very simple and allows people to follow along as you demonstrate a topic.
  4. Building a video following will enhance your brand. Videos give people a visual and the idea that you are a real person. This is something that is missing with text. When people feel connected to you, they begin to trust you. Trust leads to higher conversions in sales.
  5. Videos get indexed in Google very quickly. Videos get indexed the same way that text gets indexed. However, Google typically indexes at least ONE video within every search that has an associated video. This is because YouTube is a partner with Google. There are many keywords that don’t have any videos associated with them in YouTube, therefore this is huge potential source of traffic!


Getting Started with YouTube

Now that we know that YouTube can be a wonderful source of traffic, you should learn how to get set up with YouTube. You’ll need to set up a channel. I’ll explain the steps for setting up a personal channel.

  • Sign in to YouTube on a computer or through a mobile device.
  • Try any actions that requires a channel, such as uploading a video, creating a playlist or posting a comment.
  • For people who don’t have a channel, you will suddenly see a prompt to create a channel.
  • Check the details and confirm your information to create your new channel. (You will use your Google Account name and photo.)

Setting Up Your Channel

It is important to help people who are interested in your message find your channel. You can do this with the description and cool channel art. Setting up your channel properly will help you look more professional and help build trust with your YouTube audience.

The About Section

The about section is your chance to describe what your message is going to be, what you do, where to find more information about you, and how to get in touch if you have more questions. This is where you can link to other social networks, so people can follow you on multiple channels. You should include your websites and other social media sites here.

The Channel Art

Great channel art can help you stand out from the crowd. It is recommended that you use a simple design or pattern that is consistent with your branding. Make sure that you have the rights to the image that you select. Finally, go check out what these images look like on other devices to ensure that everything looks good. Iphones, monitors and tablets can display the channel art with different dimensions.

Creating Videos for YouTube

Video creation for YouTube can be done in a few different ways. You use a camera and film yourself explaining or doing something, you can use a PowerPoint presentation and add an audio to it. You can use your computer screen as a visual as you explain something. You can edit together other videos to create a new and original video. You can use Window’s Live Movie Maker and add a lot of pictures and some music to create a video. The possibilities are endless. You just have to be a bit creative.

Before you start creating videos for YouTube, you should keep in mind what your message is going to be and who your target audience will be. Start with some keyword research and then check to see if Google already has a video indexed for those keywords. If not, you should be good to go! If there already is a video for that keyword, you can still create a video, but understand that you may not get as much traffic as you initially had hoped for. That is okay.

For more training on researching keywords, make sure that you sign up for wealthy affiliate. You can research keywords and learn how to use them effectively at wealthy affiliate.

Some helpful tools for creating videos:

  • Screencast-o-Matic
  • Windows Live Movie Maker
  • iMovie
  • Camera
  • IPhone Camera
  • Canva – to create a custom thumbnail and channel art header
  • Microphone


Sharing Your Content

If you want to jump start your YouTube channel, you should be sharing your new videos with friends and family. Search engine traffic alone may not grow your channel as quickly as social media will.

Your followers on Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest will probably all be interested in seeing your new video content. If you have started doing email marketing, include a video in your next email as a great way to engage your subscribers and drive traffic to your YouTube channel!


Video content marketing is a powerful way to increase your audience, build trust with your followers and improve your sales online. However, you may want to do a little more work than simply slapping up a video and hoping that someone finds it. A little research goes a long way in getting discovered online. Spending some time creating a professional looking channel will not only help interested people find you, but they’ll also trust you a bit more when they view your videos.

Finally, be proud of what you have created and share your videos. People do glance at how many views your videos get and they see the engagement in the comment section. Encourage your friends and family to engage with your videos, so that when other people view them they will feel comfortable leaving messages and commenting on them.





How To Check Your Website Traffic and What to Learn From It

If you are new to affiliate marketing or just getting started with creating a website, it is likely that you don’t know how to check your website traffic. Don’t worry, it really isn’t very hard if you know where to turn. Website traffic is the lifeblood for your online business, so you definitely want to know how much traffic you are getting. There are a few more key elements that are crucial to improving your traffic and search engine rankings when you are an affiliate marketer. You will want to know which pages or posts that your visitors are viewing and which pages or posts that they stay on the longest, as well as how they are finding your website.

Google Analytics

Checking Google analytics regularly will give you a good idea of how much traffic your website gets on a daily basis. It can also tell you where that traffic is coming from. This will let you know if your time spent on social media is paying off or if you should ditch that avenue all together. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Create an account if you don’t already have one
  3. Add a tracking code to your website. You’ll receive a tracking code to paste into your website so Google knows when your site is visited.
  4. In a few hours, you can check your audience. Google needs a bit of time to collect data, so wait a few hours after pasting the code to check and see where your traffic is coming from.

Check out Your Acquisition

Whether you love social media or want to focus solely on search engine optimization, you want to pay attention to how people are finding your website. It may surprise you that for all your focus and emphasis on search engine optimization, most of your visitors are finding you through social media. If that is the case, you may want to shift your focus a bit more to sharing and commenting on social media sites and within social media groups.

However, if you have been focusing a great deal of time with social media and your efforts don’t seem to be paying off, it could be a good time to change strategies. Spend a bit of time evaluating what people are talking about in the social media groups and see if your content really is relevant. You may want to spend a bit of time refining your SEO strategy or even try your hand at pay per click.

When it comes to traffic and results, numbers don’t lie. So, check your Google Analytics audience and find out precisely what your traffic volume is and where that volume is coming from. This will help you tremendously going forward as an affiliate marketer.

Don’t fret if you have been at it only a few months and discover that your numbers are efforts are barely reaching 100 people. This is normal in the beginning. It takes a bit of time for the search engines to trust your website and start to refer people to your page. If your site is relatively new, it is highly likely that most of your traffic will come from sharing on social media. Your friends and family will be your best allies in getting the word out about your website!

Learn About Your Audience

When you write your content, it is ideal to have a certain type of person in mind. I write a website about the ketogenic diet and home fitness. I expected that most of my audience would be middle-aged women like myself. However, when I checked my gender demographics on Google Analytics, I was surprised to discover that my audience was about evenly split between genders. This means that going forward, I should select products that would appeal to both sexes. I should write as though my audience is co-ed.

Over time, your audience may change as you refine your writing and narrow down a target audience. You may discover that the product that is selling the best on your website suits a younger or older demographic than you anticipated. That is fine. Just adjust and discover what other things may appeal to them. Stay on top of the trends that your audience is interested in and your website will stay relevant.


Average Session Duration and Bounce Rate

You want to pay attention to the average session duration and the bounce rate on your website. This gives you a good idea of how relevant and engaging your content is to the reader. If people are immediately getting off your website, it may be that the website doesn’t look that inviting and you may want to change up the graphics or the colors. It may be that your writing is a bit rough and you will need to check your spelling and grammar.

Your writing may be wonderful, but it may look too cumbersome. People visit websites, but when they see large blocks of text, they may face some mental fatigue and leave the website. Try to break up your text with visuals, bullet points and smaller paragraphs. This is more appealing to the internet reader.

Engage your audience with your content! This is one of the more difficult tasks as a writer. Your goal is to create something that is not only informative, but interesting enough to comment on. Ask your readers questions, encourage them to make comments in the comment box. This will not only boost your rankings, but also help you to get to know your readers better. It will improve your average session duration and your bounce rate.





SkillShare Review

SkillShare Review

Name: SkillShare Online Courses


Price: FREE 1st month/ $15 per month

Owners: SkillShare

Overall Rank: 80 out of 100

SkillShare, Product Overview

This is a membership site that gives you access to online courses on a variety of different topics. You will learn anything from cake decorating to YouTube domination, pay per click advertising, search engine optimization and everything in between. It gives you the chance to learn from a variety of instructors on many topics.

The courses are not too long. Some of them can be completed in an hour. Other courses can last up to six hours or more. The courses are broken into modules that can be completed at different times, so you have the flexibility to learn when it is convenient for you.

Many of SkillShare’s courses have accompanying PDF s or worksheets that help you follow along. Ideally, you should be taking your own notes as you go along. This will help you to reinforce the knowledge. Some courses have assignments for you to complete as you go through them. This is ideal for hands on learning. However, it is not required to have worksheets and assignments to submit a course to SkillShare and there are many courses that lack accompanying material.

The SkillShare courses are video based courses that have been uploaded by experts. Many of the courses are introductory courses. The instructors give you a sampling of their instruction style and are hoping to get you to check out more courses that they have on their website or engage in their community. This is not necessarily a bad thing. It is just how they have chosen to get their message and their brand out there.

In addition to taking cool courses, you can become a teacher for SkillShare and increase your online presence. This can help you build your audience as SkillShare will show your course to its viewers that are interested in similar topics. Your course doesn’t even have to be very long. Many instructors have courses that are only an hour in length. You just have to come up with a topic and a fun outline.

The Good & the Bad
The Good:

PRO #1: The free first month! This will give you an idea of whether SkillShare is a good place for you to learn what you want. I think the trial basis is excellent. It is very reasonable at $15 per month or $99 per year. This fits nicely into almost anyone’s budget.

PRO #2: The variety of courses. There are a ton of courses to choose from. If you are learning video marketing, there are courses for how to upload and edit you YouTube videos, grow you YouTube audience and make money with YouTube. There are courses on search engine optimization and pay per click marketing. You will learn how to Design a Sales Funnel the Converts, How to Vlog and even How to Promote Affiliate Offers without Running Ads. You will definitely find something that can enhance you affiliate marketing skills or your life.

PRO #3: The courses are broken up into modules that you can complete whenever your schedule permits. You don’t have to go through it in one day. You will learn a concept and come back the next day. It is done at your own pace.

PRO #4: You will interact with the instructor through their website.

The Bad:

CON #1: Some courses are very basic and introductory. You may not get as in depth and detailed as a class that you take at a local college.

CON #2: The pacing of the courses can seem a bit rushed with some instructors. However, you can always pause the video and rewind if you didn’t get the information.

Who is SkillShare for?

Skillshare is for the busy individual who loves to learn. Skillshare will feed your desire for knowledge with online videos on many topics. There are many creative courses that will teach you how to do interesting and fun things. You can learn how to be more productive, get healthier or ditch the diet and bake a cake. It’s up to you! 

It provides interesting courses that the whole family can enjoy. Your artsy kid can learn how to design sports logos, while your wife checks out the cake decorating. A business professional may benefit from the course on PowerPoint. LinkedIn Marketing Secret Sauce can help the recent graduate find their first job and make the most of their online profile.

It is like having a library of courses at your fingertips! The biggest downside is that you may get overwhelmed as you peruse the courses.

SkillShare Tools & Training
SkillShare itself doesn’t have tools or training. It is a membership site that simply requires that you log into it. Once you are there, you can access training for the different topics that you discover.

SkillShare Support

SkillShare offers support through a help center online. You must fill out a request for at this website – You will select whether it is related to general questions, technical issues or billing. The will respond to your inquiry via email.

SkillShare Price

Skillshare offers you free courses without a membership. You will sign up for a free trial month. After the first month, if you wish to continue, you will be billed $15 per month. You will choose a yearly subscription and spend $8 per month.

My Final Opinion of SkillShare

I really like SkillShare so far. There are a lot of very cool different courses that you can learn about. I joined SkillShare to enhance my knowledge of video marketing. There are a lot of different video marketing courses and I have been able to glean some wonderful nuggets of information from them.

Some information can be found on YouTube free, but it is nice to go through a course on a topic that has a study guide with it and learn without the hassle of viewing advertisements.

SkillShare at a Glance…

Name: SkillShare


Owners: SkillShare

Price: FREE for the 1st month/ $15 per month after the first month

Overall Scam Rank: 80 out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT! This is a great way to learn some intricacies of affiliate marketing if you can’t afford Wealthy Affiliate. I do recommend that you check it out. It won’t cost you anything and you can learn about many different fun and interesting topics!