How to Make Money Online Without A Website

Many people are intimidated by the idea of owning a website. Others just want to learn how to make money without a website so they won’t have to worry about creating new content and keeping their website updated. It is possible to make money online without a website. It isn’t ideal, but it is definitely something that you can do! The steps to making money online without a website are fairly straightforward and anyone can do it. It is important to note that while you may not need a website, you will need to drive traffic to your affiliate link. Click here for free step-by-step training on how to set up a profitable blog. 

Step 1. Look for a Product to Promote

The first thing that you are going to do is to look for great products on Clickbank or MaxBounty. There are thousands of products. There is also no magic formula to figuring out which products are going to sell or not. It is going to be based on your market and what they want.

When you go to Clickbank, you may want to click on organize it by popularity. Popular products are more likely to sell. You will also want to check out the gravity of the product as you are shopping around for your next product to promote. Steer clear of products that have a gravity close to 0. The lower the gravity score, the poorer the sales are for the product. Ideally, you want to find products that are closer to 100 in gravity.

Step 2. Test out the Sales Page

After you’ve found a product with a solid gravity and popularity score in Clickbank, you’ll want to visit the sales page. Make sure it is still working! Sometimes, products go off the market on Clickbank, so testing out the sales page is always a good idea.

As you peruse the sales page, you’ll want to make note of the benefits of the product. Get an idea of who they are trying to market to and what they are trying to fix. The sales page gives you a lot of information that you will use in your advertisements. It also has pictures that you can use to promote the product on a Facebook page, on a free Blogspot blog, or even on Instagram.

Step 3. Get a Domain

Wait a minute, Melinda, I thought you said I didn’t need a website. Don’t sweat it. Having the domain doesn’t put you on the hook for hosting and maintenance of a website. You don’t have to create anything with this method. A domain can be purchase for as inexpensively as $1 from websites such as GoDaddy and Bluehost.

The domain that you select should have some relevant keywords in the URL. If you are finding it difficult to find keywords, think long tail keywords. Add some buyer keywords to the front or back of the keywords. For example “” Adding informative keywords, such as “how to” can help you find a free domain as well.

Step 4. Forward the Domain to Your Affiliate Link

You want to make sure you get paid. Grab your affiliate link from Clickbank and connect it to your domain. You will want to forward your domain to your affiliate link. This can be done by going into Manage DNS and then Forwarding. Click on the option “Forward with Masking” and “Save.” Now when you give someone your URL, they are forwarded to your affiliate link and will see the sales page.

This will help you get your ads approved by Bing. You can easily send someone to a domain like “” rather than “” Do you see the difference? People remember keywords, but they don’t remember to add your hoplink! The hoplink is how you are going to get paid, so it is worth paying anywhere from $1-10 for a domain.

Step 5. Send Traffic to Your Link

The more eyeballs on your affiliate link, the more likely that you are to make sales, especially if you have done some homework and are targeting relevant keywords. The more relevant your keywords are, the more likely you will make sales.

So, how do you send people to your website? The fastest way to do it without a website is through sharing your link on social media or through Bing ads. Each method has their own advantages and disadvantages.

Sharing your affiliate link on social media can look to a lot of people like just spam unless you can provide a positive review of the product. Social media isn’t always targeted and often only about 1/10 of your total connections end up seeing what you have posted.

Bing ads can be targeted to people who are searching for a solution to their problems. Bing ads can help you drive traffic to your promotion quickly, but you do have to have a budget and spend some money to discover which campaigns and advertisements are going to work for you!


You can absolutely earn money online without a website. However, you do have to get a bit more creative with where you are getting your traffic from and how you are using your advertisements. You will be sending them directly to a salespage, so you won’t be able to do much pre-selling with a review. However, that gives you more time to analyze how well the sales page performs for you.

If you are great at social media and are building a youtube following, you can market your product with videos and use the description to send people to your affiliate offer. This is a great strategy because people have a tendency to trust people who they can see and hear through videos. If you are good at creating video content consistently, you can start to make sales to your followers. However, you’ll want to also add value to your audience by making sure that not every one of your videos is selling a product or service.

Another great strategy that you can use is to send your leads to a landing page where they enter their email. Once you have their email, you can send them more emails in the future. Email marketing is still alive and well, even if you are like me and more annoyed by it than anything else.




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  1. Yes, it’s definitely possible to earn money online without a website, but It’s also not the best way to do it. A website is like a piece of land that you own. You can do whatever you want in this land and you have full control. You can build a brand around it and become big in your niche. Earning money without a website is great to generate some money that you could later put into growing a business with your own website.

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