Where To Find Free Pictures For Websites

For someone just getting started and creating a website, you’ll want to beautify that website with some pictures and graphics. The problem with stealing just anyone’s picture is that there are copyright laws. If you use someone else’s photo and generate massive success, it is highly likely that you will be hit with a lawsuit. You’ll have to turn over some of your earnings to the person whose photo or graphic you used.

Take Your Own

Everyone seems to have a camera now on their phones. You have the capability of taking pictures of items that you own around the house or that you use. You can go to the grocery store or the mall. You can snap a photo of the product while you are there. You can take photos of


elf using that brand new mixer that you want to promote on your website. When you a

re at the gym, you can take a picture of the treadmill that you just reviewed on your website.

Taking your own photos eliminates the worry of using someone else’s photo and


being sued. It helps you improve your photography skills. Having less than professional photos sometimes helps the reader to see that you are a real person providing a real review.

Your own photos give your website a more personal touch. The audienc


e will connect more with you when you share your own work. This is the best way to incorporate photos. However, if you don’t have a photo of the things that you want to represent on your site, you can rely on the following other methods.

Use Screenshots

This may be a little trickier for the beginning affiliate marketer, but it is a useful tool to have in your toolbox. Using screenshots to demonstrate what you are talking about can be very useful if you are describing how to do something on the internet, for example, how to comment on a facebook post.

Using a series of screenshots can allow you to take the reader step by step through the process with a visual. I personally use Jing, a free software that takes screenshots. If you are an affiliate and writing a review, you can take a screenshot of pictures that are already on the sales page without being penalized for it.


Stock Photo Resources

There are many photos online that you can use free if you know where to look! The advantage of using stock photos are that they tend to be more professional looking. They will give your post a more polished feel. This is great when you are promoting something that is a bit more upscale and expensive.

CC0 (Create Commons Zero Sites, free to use in any way you like)


Utilizing visuals in your websites goes a long way to making your website look more readable and appear more professional. You definitely want to make sure that you are using the best quality graphics on each of your posts and pages. However, you don’t want to get in trouble with copyright laws by stealing someone else’s creative work! Go the extra mile and take your own pictures and upload them to your computer or find some free stock photos that you are able to use on your website.






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