Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery a Scam?

There are tons of affiliate marketing programs out there. Affiliate Marketing Mastery is a comprehensive affiliate marketing training program. Is it a scam? No, but read up on it and decide for yourself whether you should spend your hard-earned cash on it!

Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review

Name: Affiliate Marketing Mastery


Price: $1997

Owners: Project Life Mastery

Overall Rank: 83 out of 100

Affiliate Marketing Mastery, Product Overview

This affiliate training is separated into seven different modules. It will take you from complete beginner to advanced internet marketer if you go all the way through it.

  1. The first module starts out with strategy and mindset. This is very important. One of the reasons that many marketers fail is because they don’t know what to expect, they don’t have a strategy and they don’t have the right mindset. This module is one of the reasons that this training can be very effective, if you are willing to pay for it. During this module, you will set your goals for internet marketing.
  2. The second module walks you through selecting a profitable niche. Then you are guided through selecting products within your niche to promote.
  3. During the third module, you will begin to create your online presence. You will select your domain name, purchase your domain, set up hosting and create a header for your website. You will also set up YouTube, Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  4. The fourth module is where you finally start creating your content. You will learn to create content that is effective.
  5. During the fifth module, you will start marketing your content.
  6. You will earn revenue and monetize your traffic in module six.
  7. During module seven, you will discover how to analyze your statistics. You will discover what you may be doing wrong and why you aren’t making money. You’ll learn how to survey your subscribers, split testing and optimizing for success.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1: Very comprehensive training. This training reviews many of the most important aspects of the affiliate marketing.

PRO #2: This will take you from a very beginner to an advanced level internet marketer.

PRO #3: This training will help those who want to be bloggers as well as people who are interested in video marketing. It also reviews how to promote yourself on social media, which can be an excellent source of traffic.

The Bad:

CON #1: This is a very expensive course. The information that it goes over can be found much less expensively through Wealthy Affiliate, Skillshare and for those people who are on a shoestring budget, even YouTube video tutorials can help you figure out affiliate marketing.

CON #2: It does not seem to have Pinterest information, so the course may be a bit out-of-date.


Who is Affiliate Marketing Mastery for?

Affiliate Marketing Mastery is for the individual who has extra money to spend on training and is serious about becoming an affiliate marketer. It is ideal for the person who needs training to take them from the beginner aspects all the way to advanced.

Affiliate Marketing Tools & Training

The Affiliate Marketing Tools and Training will be delivered to you immediately through your email. You’ll receive a log in. The training is taught through videos and PDFs. This is very helpful for people who are visual learners.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery Support

The support offered with the product. Is does have a community forum and a Facebook group. You can contact support at

You will receive access to the private Facebook community as well. This gives you the opportunity to interact with other marketers who are in the process of mastering affiliate marketing online.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery Price

There is a one time payment of $1997 or three payments of $767.

As a bonus, you’ll receive a 90-day email mastery coaching program. You will receive one email per week.

You will also get my Advanced Strategies Training as an bonus, which consists of step-by-step video tutorials on:

  • 7 Coaching Q&A Webinar Recordings this will allow you to go even DEEPER with some of the best and most advanced strategies.
  • Advanced E-Mail Marketing Strategies: Learn how to segment your e-mail lists, set up automation, reduce your unsubscribe rate drastically, and increase your open/click-through rates!
  • Copywriting 101: You will discover how to write engaging email sales copy and to effectively sell through a persuasive copywriting.
  • Facebook Ads Training: You will learn how to efficiently and effectively utilize Facebook advertisements for affiliate marketing. You will discover how to set up a high level Facebook marketing campaign as many of the top affiliate marketers do.
  • LinkedIn Marketing Training: Learn how to use LinkedIn to marketing your business, build your online brand and attract more leads.
  • Snapchat Marketing Strategies: This training teaches you how to use Snapchat to more effectively engage with your followers, build relationships and profit from affiliate marketing on Snapchat.
  • Periscope Marketing Strategies: This advanced training helps you learn how to use Periscope.
  • 10 Blog Design And Layout Tips: You’ll receive ten tips that will help you optimize the layout and design of your log. This will help you get more traffic and engage with your audience better.
  • Podcast Training: Discover how to set up and create your very own podcast.
  • Virtual Assistant Training: Virtual assistants can help you grow your business online. Learn how to hire and train them.

The bonuses almost make it worth the price. As you can see, there is a lot of additional training that you will receive. However, as an internet marketer, you want to be earning money as soon as possible. Therefore, you want to get the biggest bang for your buck. Some of this information can be obtained in less expensive courses or even free online if you are willing to dig around a bit for it.


My Final Opinion of Affiliate Marketing Mastery

This is a comprehensive training for affiliate marketing. However, it is very overpriced in my opinion. As you go through the Wealthy Affiliate training, which is a fraction of the cost, you will learn all of this information.

Some advanced training isn’t useful to the new marketer. For example, many internet marketers don’t want to do podcasts. You won’t need a virtual assistant until you start earning money and have a budget for one. So, much of the training isn’t suitable for the new marketer.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery at a Glance…

Name: Affiliate Marketing Mastery


Owners: Project Life Mastery

Price: $1997

Overall Scam Rank: 83 out of 100


This is legitimate training. You’ll get a lot of information and you will have many places to receive support via email and a Facebook community support group. However, it is not the most cost effective solution. For the most comprehensive and cost effective solution to affiliate marketing training, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

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