How to Get a First Page Ranking on Google in 24 hours

Getting ranked on the first page of google can make or break your business. It can mean the difference between making money and losing money. When people search for something on Google, it is unlikely that they look much beyond the first few search results on Google. Typically, the first few results are the only ones that people look at. They know that the results become less and less relevant on the lower rankings. Often, they discover the information that they were looking for on the first page of google.

Check Out Your Competition

If you want to get ranked on the first page on google, you are going to want to know who you are up against. If you are just starting out and your website is relatively new, you are not likely to bump big behemoth companies like Amazon. Unless you create a viral piece of content, it is unlikely that you will bump anything from the New York Times or the Washington Post out of the top slot.
Be realistic. Google ranks websites based on a variety of factors including the length of time that they have been on the internet, the amount of content, keywords and the amount of shares in social media your website is receiving. If you are trying to rank a brand new website, you are going to want to be finding low competition and high volume keywords. This gives you the best chance to rank in one of the first few slots in Google.

Place Keywords In the Right Place

You should have the keywords in the title. You should also have a solid first paragraph that includes the keywords, but make sure that you are not over stuffing the keywords into your writing. They should come naturally. Google has started to identify keyword stuffing, when the keyword makes up the majority of the paragraph, so avoid doing this.

If you are creating a video, make sure that the paragraph is about 100 words. For blog posts and website pages, you want to aim for at least 1000 words. This lets Google know that you are providing relevant content and now slapping up a website that is simply a landing page to sell something.

When you are creating a video that you would like to rank on the first page, make sure that you are saving the file with the keywords. This improves your chances of Google ranking you highly. If you are using pictures in your blog post, save the pictures using the keywords that you want to rank for in Google. This will make your content look even more relevant to Google.

Share It!

Share your content with your friends and family on social media. Google is now looking for content that is sharable. The more shares, likes and comments that you receive the better. Once you publish your post or video, share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and any other social media site that you are active on.

A great idea is to ask your friends to share your content with their friends. You may want to identify partners in your niche that write on a similar topic and have a large audience to promote your work. When I was writing my Amazon bestseller, I implemented this strategy with five other holistic healers to get my book to the top of its category in 24 hours. It worked like a charm!

Use Solid Keyword Research

There are people who have been online for decades and have large budgets to bump people out of the top spots for their most profitable keywords. Your goal as a newbie is to get to the top spot in keywords that don’t have a lot of competition yet, but still are relevant and have a lot of keywords searches each month.

Jaaxy is one of the best tools that you can use for keyword research. You should be aiming for 50-100 searches each month with competition below 50. This gives you the best chance at getting to the first page of Google for your keyword in the shortest amount of time. It is better to get a small amount of traffic consistently each month than to aim for keywords that have a few hundred searches, but never make it to the first page. Remember, people only tend to check out the first page results. Many people find what they need from the first page results and then move on.

If you discover that your keyword has more competition than you expected, keep digging! There are plenty of keyword phrases out there that have low competition and you can easily make it to the first page in Google when you create a quality piece of content.

A great idea, is to take some concepts that you were thinking were good keywords and type them into Google. See what pops up under the search bar. These are usually things that people have been searching for recently. Check out the competition on them. Adjust your keyword by adding extra words, “how to …” or adding “review” to it can narrow down the competition for you. People tend to be wary of scams, so they will often read content that hints at something being a scam. Most people want to get the biggest bang for their buck, when you review a product, add the “best” to it. For example, your title could be “best wrinkle cream ever” instead of just “wrinkle cream.”

Monitor Your Rankings

Once you have created excellent content and are ranking on the first page of Google, make sure that you stay relevant! You can do this by checking to make sure that you are still ranking on the first page of Google, updating your website frequently, asking for comments, likes and shares. You can get friends and family to do this easily. This will help you to continually get those visitors to your website and make the most of your search engine optimization efforts!





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