EasyAzon – WordPress Amazon Affiliate Plugin Review

EasyAzon Review

Name: EasyAzon
Website: easyazon.com
Price: $47
Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

EasyAzon, Product Overview

EasyAzon is a wordpress plugin that enables you to add products with your affiliate link to your website with the click of a button. The wordpress plugin stores your affiliate code and adds it to the products that you want to add on your webpage. It allows you to stay in wordpress and search for the Amazon products that you want to highlight on your page. You can add a text link, an info box, or a picture of the product in the size that you choose! You may discover as you quickly add your product that there are other similar ones that you can quickly add.

The Good & the Bad

The Good: Easy and efficient

PRO #1: The EasyAzon plugin cuts down the steps of adding Amazon products to your website.

PRO #2: The EasyAzon plugin will allow you to use the photos of the Amazon products on your website and attaches your affiliate link to them. Having more pictures on your website adds interest to your page. It is great that you can add a textbox, but it is also nice that you can add a clickable picture of the product. When you rest the cursor over the product, a information box will pop up letting the reader know more about the product.

PRO #3: You have a wider variety of pictures and sizes to choose from. Any image that Amazon has on the product can be used and they offer a variety of photo sizes. You can add a text link or a product box that looks like a traditional Amazon advertisement.

The Bad: It took awhile to set it up and figure out.

CON #1: Initially, I was a bit confused about how to install the plugin.
CON #2: Having too many plugins on your site can potentially slow down your website. It hasn’t been a problem for me yet, but this is an additional plugin!

Who is EasyAzon For?

EasyAzon is for the beginning affiliate marketer who is getting the hang of linking pictures to their affiliate links. EasyAzon is perfect for someone who finds it bothersome to look up the product, grab the affiliate link from one page and then go back into wordpress. It is ideal for people who want to simplify the process of putting affiliate products on their website. This is a great tool for the Amazon affiliate marketer who wants to put pictures on their website easily without having to worry about copyright laws!

EasyAzon Tools & Training

There are not a whole lot of tools and training for EasyAzon. I found a youtube video that demonstrated how to get the plugin installed and how to add a product. It was really simple and easy to use the plugin.

EasyAzon Support

I did end up sending support a message because I was initially confused about the product’s installation. They replied with a link to a video about how to install the wordpress plugin. If you have questions for them, you can contact them at support@easyazon.com.

EasyAzon Price

This product sells for $47. This may sound expensive for a plugin because so many plugins are free. However, it is a very valuable tool for the affiliate marketer and makes affiliate marketing so much easier.

My Final Opinion of EasyAzon

I absolutely love this product. Being able to search for the Amazon product that I’m referring to on my blog right from wordpress is wonderful! Having an affiliate linked to the size and picture that I choose is so great. I definitely recommend this product to other affiliate marketers. It will reduce your stress when it comes to linking to products. Prior to using EasyAzon, I avoided the cumbersome task of going to Amazon and searching for the product that I wanted to reference and getting a link to the product. Now I actually enjoy picking out the best picture of the product and knowing the my affiliate link will be attached. You will save time and time is money!

EasyAzon at a Glance…

Name: EasyAzon

Website: easyazon.com

Price: $47

Overall Scam Rank: 90 out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT! I love this product and highly recommend it! Click Here!

6 thoughts on “EasyAzon – WordPress Amazon Affiliate Plugin Review

  1. Thanks for another great review, I find myself looking forward to what you have to share today, and you don’t disappoint. EasyAzon sounds like a great plugin and as soon as I can afford to do so, I will purchase. Like you say it will make the process much more efficient and time-saving.Until your next review 🙂

  2. Now this sounds like a plugin I may be investing in. I too find it hard to keep swapping from one page to another. Thanks for the review.

  3. Hey Melinda, great review! I think I would personally give this a go when I start expanding my website content a little more, due to it being a time consuming thing adding affiliate links in most cases.

    You mentioned my website might slow down based on the amount of plugins you have activated, how many plugins do you think it would take to make my website slow down?
    Thank you!

    • Thanks for the comment! Best wishes expanding your online presence! I have not found my website to be slowed down with the addition of the EasyAzon plug in. I have been told that too many plugins can slow down a website, but so far, I have not experienced this problem. The slow updating in the video may has more to do with the fact that the computer I’m using is ancient.

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