Don’t Give Up!

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If you are getting started in affiliate marketing, make sure that you realize and plan for a lot of work before you start to see some rewards. The reason for this is that affiliate marketing requires you to build a following. It requires creation of websites and content. It requires you to attract other people to your website. Most importantly, you must learn how to get people to click on your affiliate links! This can take 3-6 months! During this time, you will face setbacks and frustration. You will get frustrated when your link isn’t working. You won’t like the look of your site initially. You will get discouraged by comments that may seem overly critical. But don’t give up! You will get over it and you will overcome!

This last week, I had one such setback. I had a seizure. For people who don’t have epilepsy, they won’t understand the emotions that go along with having a random seizure. In some ways it feels like your brain is being rebooted afterwards. All the momentum that you had gained is lost. You get discouraged and it can take awhile to regain your confidence. For me, it took about a  week. Part of that was dealing with the holiday shenanigans going on at my house, but I finally feel like I’m back to normal and able to tackle my goals and ambitions! The same thing happens with affiliate marketing, you’ll have setbacks, but as long as you get back on track, you can regain your momentum and that will lead you to success! 

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