Create Email Copy that Converts – 5 Tips for Writing Better Newsletters

Today, I’m reviewing the Youtube video by Ashlyn Writes. Ashlyn Writes gives you five simple tips to getting your emails opened in her video.

It is very important to get in touch with your clients through your newsletter. Once you build your list, you need to send out regular emails for your list. This will build a great relationship with your readers.

So, how do you get them to open your emails?

How can you serve your email list?

Come at the newletters with the attitude that you’ll serve your list so well that even if they don’t buy from you, you’ll be happy.

The First Tip is to Use a Formula. An easy way to know what to say with your newsletter is to start with the end in mind. Think about what your audience is trying to achieve. Perhaps you write 3 Tips to Get X accomplished or An Easy Action to Get a Win.

The Second Tip is to Use a Great Subject Line. The subject line is the first and only opportunity that someone has to interact with your email. Therefore, it is important to make it great. Ashlyn recommends starting a swipe file of outstanding subject lines.

The Third Tip is to write conversationally. Write to your audience as you would speak to them. Writing conversationally will help you to sound less robotic. We don’t read online like we used to. When it comes to sales copy, the grammar rules don’t always apply and they can be bent.

Use line breaks. It will help visually not to see a sea of text.

The Fourth Tip is to ensure that you Land in their Inbox. Let’s face it, you don’t want to go to all the trouble of writing a great email newsletter only to have it end up in spam.

There are four main things that can impact whether your email lands in the spam folder or not – subscriber engagement, limiting negative metrics, authentication, and content.

Think about content. Emails from Target, J Crew, etc. tend to end up in your promotion folder if you’re a gmail user. This is because they tend to have many images and complex HTML. Plain, simple emails tend to end up in the inbox.

Ashlyn Writes recommends ConvertKit email marketing services.

The final tip that Ashlyn Writes recommends is that you keep it to one call to action per email. Make it super clear what you want the reader to do.

Bonus Tip: Split test your subject lines. ConvertKit allows you to easily put in two subject lines that will be sent to 50% of your readers.

This was a pretty simple video that shared easy to implement tips for beginning copywriters. It is nice that it was only 9 minutes. Ashlyn Writes promotes her favorite email service in it. So, you may want to check out ConvertKit.

Watch it here:

4 Replies to “Create Email Copy that Converts – 5 Tips for Writing Better Newsletters”

  1. Thanks a lot for the tips towards writing email copy that converts readers… I just started gathering emails on my website and I truly have no idea how I should start approaching my readers…

    I am actually using Mailerlite for now but I have heard a few good words about ConvertKit. Is there a free trial to it?

    Thanks a lot for the help!

  2. Thank you for this review and for featuring Ashley and her videos as a source of great info on how to write a good newsletter. 

    Yes, there is some great advice here and I shall follow them myself since writing emails and newsletters is not something that comes quite naturally to me. Her suggestions are useful and easily implemented. Do you, perhaps have a PDF of her best advice we could download? I would find that really useful, thanks. 

    Have a great day 🙂

  3. Hi! I really appreciate this list of tips. I know the percentage of emails opened is low but having these suggestions will drastically impact our opening rate.

    I hadn’t thought in the subject line, but you’re right. It’s our unique opportunity to convince our subscriber to open the email. Concerning writing conversationally, I know it’s the best way to connect with our audience and I have been following that one!

  4. It’s a great article and ‘Ashlyn Rights’ certainly has some great tips. Although not at the point of being to send out emails, I need to grow a decent list first, I am making inroads into being able to send out some form of marketing message. I knew of two of the five but hadn’t thought of the other three.

    One way to create something, I think, is to have a look at what comes into your own inbox. Anything that you look forward to or are happy to look at, must have some qualities that can be utilised. I have one ‘subscription’ that comes through maybe twice a week. Occasionally the guy will try and ‘push’ something but the majority of the time it’s fun, motivating snippets. The text is minimal as are the images, another of the tips passed down.

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