Can You Make Money Making Youtube Videos?

Many people are jumping into YouTube hearing that they can make money creating videos for YouTube. Many people are failing at it, but there are plenty of people who are having success with YouTube videos. So, can you make money making YouTube videos? Absolutely! However, you may want to get some training about how it is done and learn the secrets of successful channels.

One of the trainings that I recently decided to review is They claim that you can make money on youtube without creating your own videos! What?! I had to find out more. It turns out, you are able to use other people’s videos if you edit them somewhat. By adding a different description and combining the clip with other clips, you have a new video altogether. You can earn money with a youtube channel that does have other people’s video content on it. However, you still have to do some key legwork to creating an audience and finding the right keywords and descriptions. Review



Price: $27/month

Owners: Mike Williams

Overall Rank: 85 out of 100, Product Overview

Utubecash is a series of video content creation and video marketing geared toward the individual who is interested in earning money on YouTube. He takes you through how to use YouTube’s video editor to create content. He discusses things that are important for earning money on YouTube. Mike Williams shows you how to properly place keywords in the description, how to use tags for your video and some cool tricks to edit the videos.

Utube cash has the business model of making money from the advertisements that are on YouTube. It does not get into affiliate marketing. However, you can use your product links in YouTube descriptions and encourage people to buy from your affiliate links. Utube cash does discuss how to utilize YouTube and fiverr together to make money.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1: Lots of information on how to succeed on YouTube.

PRO #2: Great ideas for measuring metrics, spying on your competition and coming up with ideas for videos.

PRO #3: There are many editing tips and tricks that I learned from watching the YouTube course.

The Bad:

CON #1: You get a monthly subscription with this information. This is not all bad. It will push you to either take action or end the subscription. Many people buy courses and don’t take action.

CON #2: It will take a few months before you will see substantial increase in subscribers and start to make money. Online courses are great, but their sales often copy over promises. You can sometimes get the impression that you will start making money right away. However, some testimonials give you a good timeline of a few months.
Who is for?

This is for the content creators that love video marketing. If you want to tap into the power of YouTube and you love watching and creating videos, this is the course for you. It is chock-full of great information on improving your content, growing an audience and creating new videos. Tools & Training
The training comes mostly in the form of videos. There are 31 training videos, and several videos for tips and tricks. In addition to video training, there are some valuable ebooks that you can peruse that are included as bonuses. You also receive, The Secrets to Building Your YouTube Audience, 3 Keys to YouTube Audience Success, Viral YouTube Traffic, YouTube Video Marketing for Business: Tips and Techniques, and Success in Ten Steps. Support

Utubecash support is available through email. If you have questions, comments or concerns regarding the video marketing training that you received, you can fill out an email form and they will get back to you within 24 hours or so they advertise.

My experience with support is that it has been a bit slow. It has been a bit more than 24 hours and I haven’t heard back regarding my query. Price
In my opinion, I think this is a great price for the monthly membership to learn how to market YouTube videos. I’m a big fan of the Wealthy affiliate for affiliate marketing, but for people who are only interested in videos and want to follow a business model of collecting a small advertising sum each time their video is played, I think this is the course for them. $27 per month is very reasonable for the information that you receive.

My Final Opinion of

I actually think this is a great product for people who are interested in creating video. I am more of a writer, so I may not continue my subscription with Utubecash much past the first week trial, but I have learned a lot about video marketing. I have discovered some unique ways that I can improve the content that I already have on YouTube.

Creating a YouTube channel is not that difficult. If you are using keywords and ranking for them, as taught by Wealthy Affiliate, you will be able to steadily grow your audience. However, there are some great tips that are taught on how to optimize your video for better engagement and success on YouTube.

The Bonus ebooks that you receive contain many wonderful insights. Don’t overlook those! at a Glance…

Name: Utubecash


Owners: Mike Williams

Price: $27/month

Overall Scam Rank: 85 out of 100


16 Replies to “Can You Make Money Making Youtube Videos?”

    1. It is totally worth checking out for $1 for the first week. I thoroughly enjoyed the information that I learned from it. I’m going to use some of the tips and implement them in my own videos.

  1. UTubeCash sounds okay if you’re passionate about creating videos. If you can produce decent videos, I would imagine the process after comprises a numbers game in how to attract visitors into your channel & accomplish conversions.
    Would you use an up-to-date keyword tool to create the titles for your videos ensuring the keywords chosen are high traffic with low competition, using a similar system to how blog post titles are created?
    I have never worked with YouTube before however I do embed a lot of manufacturers videos into my posts from there to demonstrate in real-life what my content is promoting, powerful stuff.
    I am however slightly concerned that you’re able to edit other people’s videos. Are there no restrictions in place similar to the ownership limitations images are constrained with?
    Thanks for introducing me to UTubeCash,

    1. According to the course, it is legal. You don’t actually own your youtube channel. This does become a bit problematic. They can take down your content or demonetize it at will if youtube doesn’t approve of your content. This has been happening when conservative channels have been promoting something that goes against youtube’s liberal politics. For that reason, I don’t really recommend relying on a youtube income. I prefer Wealthy affiliate and owning my own website, but it is a great resource and optional way of earning affiliate income.

  2. Hi Melinda thank you for a great review of UTubeCash program.

    Your program has certainly cleared up some of the questions I had about this program.

    There is, however, one question in my mind, you say “you are able to use other people’s videos if you edit them somewhat”, My question is what about the copyright issues? Can you really take bits out of other people’s videos and make your own video?

    1. You can and people do it all the time. Just do some searches on youtube and you will see that other people are editing originals and creating their own unique videos from them. When you write, you have to cite other’s work. I think it would be fine as long as you are adding citations. I skipped a few of the videos, so I don’t know if I missed something that would make it legal to copy other videos.

  3. Thank you for this article. I am not at the point in my business where I would move to youtube but it will definitely be an avenue that I entertain in the future. I am happy to know this exists, and I had no idea you can take content from other people. Feels wrong but if there is a course around it, I am thinking it must be more common that I think. Thanks again!

    1. It is very common to be earning money from youtube videos. I have perused a lot of youtube videos and I know that many people are using clips, editing them and creating a channel around them. I just prefer to create unique content. I’m not as comfortable doing that!

  4. Being a content marketer I know the value of video marketing. However, I have yet to embark on the venture. As I said I know I should. Furthermore, I am using software that allows me to create slideshows. Do you think that is enough for the video market? Will you please respond via email?

  5. Hello, I think it’s very complete the review you do, about the site to learn to earn money with youtube, you have used it and you describe it very well, give the pros and cons, and in the end your conclusion, that gives us an overview large of the website to choose or not, thank you very much for the information.


  6. Hi Melinda,
    I’ve never heard about utubecash before. Pretty interesting concept as I don’t feel confident enough to create my own videos.
    But first thing that popped in my mind…is it completely legal to use the videos of others to make money? Or is it ok as you will also promote theirs content? Maybe it’s a stupid question but I’m completely new to this so I’m not sure:)
    Thanks for the info.

    1. That was one thing that I was confused about as well. You should be fine if you are only using clips from the youtube library and creating your own video content from there. However, I’m not going to do it. I’ll create my own. I’m a creative type.

  7. Youtubers have somewhat become more popular than bloggers nowadays. Because many people prefer to listen rather than read.

    However, there is still a huge demand for written content because usually the information can be transmitted faster.

    For those who plan to start a Youtube channel, I think UtubeCash can be a great option! I see you are also a member of Wealthy Affiliate, right? How does it compare with UtubeCash?

    Thanks for your help

    1. I think Utubecash is great for youtubers, but Wealthy Affiliate is what I recommend for bloggers. I think you would get more benefit from being involved with Wealthy Affiliate and learning the ropes of effective keyword research, but there are a lot of wonderful tips for people who want to do video marketing in utubecash.

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