How to Increase Traffic to a Website with Free Methods

The most important thing that online marketers need to do is drive traffic to their affiliate links. This can be done with pay per click if you have a nice budget, but if you are starting from scratch on a shoestring budget, you will want to learn how to increase traffic to a website free.

There are two main free that are used to drive traffic to your website. They are social media and search engine optimization. When you master these techniques, they can provide a stream of traffic to a website that is filled with affiliate links that you chose.

Search Engine Optimization Traffic

This will be your most targeted method of online traffic. Once the search engines rank your website for keywords and you are listed on the first page in the search engine results, you will receive a steady stream of visitors who typed in the keywords that you chose to write the article about. These are ideal visitors because they are interested in your content.

Search engine traffic to a website is free, but that does not mean that it is easy to get. Simply creating a keyword rich site will not get you on the first page of google and the further down your article is in the postings, the less likely it is that you will receive traffic to your website. Most people will visit the websites of the first and second Google results.

It is essential that you do some research on your keywords to discover how many people are searching for the keywords that are relevant to your product, but also discover how much competition is out there. You may get excited to see that a search term has 300 searches per month, but then find out that there are 500 websites that are ranked. Your new website would probably be 501 and never get seen.

There are tips to boost your ranking in order to optimize the organic traffic from the search engines. You will want to master the technique of long tail keywords. Discover what specific keywords still get a lot of searches but don’t have a lot of competition. I joined Wealthy Affiliate to master this technique. They have a network of individuals to help you uncover the mistakes that you are making and learn from them.

Search engines have a few things that they look for when ranking a website. They look for quality content with certain keywords, but they also look for site comments to see that there is engagement from the audience on your website. Search engines also look for backlinks to your website to see that other people are referencing your website’s content.

When you are new and starting out, it can be frustrating to see that no one is visiting your website. Within the wealthy affiliate platform, you can give other people feedback on their website in exchange for site visits and comments on yours. This can help to kickstart the process of getting ranked in Google!

Social Media Traffic

Social Media traffic comes when you share one of your websites on a social media platform. You can usually count on about 10-20 of your family members or friends to like, comment or share it. However, they may get sick of sharing it if it isn’t something that really interests them.

To maximize social media traffic, you’ll want to engage with groups on facebook that are interested in your niche. If your niche is gardening, there are people out there who will want to know everything and anything about gardening. They won’t get sick of hearing about soil science, composting and growing the best tomatoes like your non-gardening friends will.

Connecting with groups that share your interests on social media gives you a platform to share your website links.  Make sure that you are returning the favor and liking and commenting on other people’s links. This will build trust and improve your relationships with the other members in the group.

Social media traffic is all about engagement. You may want to ask your readers to like, comment and subscribe or share your website. Sometimes people don’t automatically do that and reading it prompts them to do it.

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