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Welcome to Free Affiliate! I created this site specifically for people who have more time than money and want to earn an income online. 


As someone who has epilepsy, sometimes working regular jobs was difficult. My job opportunities were limited due to safety considerations for someone who may black out at any time even though my epilepsy was typically well controlled. One day, I discovered Bestseller in a Weekend with Alicia Dunams. I learned a bit about online marketing, putting together a book and search engine optimization. I put out my first book and due to the search engine optimization, it sold! I created my first online passive income stream!

I made the mistake of thinking that there has to be an easier way, and with my next two books, I neglected to implement search engine optimized keyword titles and thought that perhaps the syndicated network that the publisher sold me on would promote my book. It did not create a passive income stream and those books are a challenge to sell. 

I tried my hand at telesales and a few other work from home positions, but didn’t find them nearly as rewarding as creating content for other people to read. I actually do enjoy writing. 

Now, I’m putting my knowledge of search engine optimization and affiliate marketing to use to not only earn a residual passive income stream, but to help other people who are struggling with epilepsy or a disability that limits their transportation and ability to work earn a living. 


I want to help other people who have epilepsy understand that they can still earn a living. I have lived with the diagnosis of epilepsy for almost thirty years. Keeping a job was such a struggle for me. I didn’t know that the epilepsy impacted my auditory processing and memory. I made errors at jobs without recognizing it. I wasn’t as competitive as my peers because I wasn’t as fast at doing tasks. My phone skills got me fired from more than one position because I processed the information too slowly and was rather abrupt on the phone.  

Selling things online is an opportunity that is available to everyone. It doesn’t require strict hours. You can take time to recover from a seizure and post content when you are feeling well. You can also use it as a platform to raise epilepsy awareness! 

Free Affiliate’s goal is to help people get started and create a path for them to start earning money online. It is to help them discover the free methods of affiliate marketing and the resources that you can use to start making your own money online.  

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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