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Epilepsy Empowerment bumper sticker

I created a bumper sticker for my epilepsy empowerment kickstarter campaign! I am thinking that those who donate $10 will receive a bumper sticker from me! Here is the design -

I need at least 499 more people to donate $5 or I won’t receive any money, so now is the time for me to get creative with my fundraising.  Here is the link if you are interested in my book project.  I have an interview lined up with the creator of neurowisdom101 about overcoming the fear that goes along with epilepsy and similar disabilities.

Detoxing For Epilepsy

When I first came to the conclusion that it was even possible to come off my medication, I started following Kevin Trudeau’s recommendations for removing toxins from my environment and my body.  He had a ton of different methods of detox and I started implementing almost all of them at one time.  This turned out to be the wrong approach and I didn’t immediately see the results of the detox.

A few years later, I started informing myself about detoxification to better understand how it improves the body’s function and how it could be impacting the abnormal electrical activity in the brain.

While there are tons of detox methods on the market today, I don’t recommend all of them.  Some of them create a quick detox, but in doing so, actually increase the toxins in the bloodstream as they are being freed up and eliminated.  With more toxins in the blood stream, your body is more at risk of having a seizure.  You want to be doing a gentle and safe detox if you suffer from epilepsy.

The detox that I use is LL’s magnetic clay.  It is also recommended by a medical doctor for those who are hung up on degrees.  In her article on Settling Seizures, Dr. Carolyn Dean recommends removing heavy metal toxicity with LL’s magnetic clay baths.

Clay baths are ideal for eliminating the toxins from your body because the particles adsorb and absorb the clay.  The positive charge of the toxins in the body are attracted to the negative charge of the clay particles and drawn out of the body.  Used internally, the clay particles adsorb the toxins and they are easily removed through the digestive tract.

Clay baths and clay capsules also promote a normal pH in the body.  Most people who have disease have a body pH that is too acidic or too alkaline.  This is true of people who have seizures as well.  Getting the body into balance will go a long way in improving your seizure control.

 epilepsy awareness

Benefits of Pilates for Your Brain Health

Exercise is very important for everybody, but studies are now showing a correlation between exercise and epilepsy.  Exercise does help with seizure prevention when it is done correctly.  Selecting the exercise that is right for you can be a bit of a challenge.

Aerobic exercises are the best at oxygenating the brain.  However, when it comes to strengthening, Pilates can’t be beat.  Pilates is a set of exercises that works all the muscles in a balanced way.  Pilates strengthens your core, improving your posture.

Good posture helps in seizure control.  A body that has good posture is able to take in the proper amount of carbon dioxide and oxygen because the lungs aren’t chronically compressed.  When a person has good posture, they also have good digestion and elimination.   Good posture allows the liver and other organs to function at an optimal level.   Therefore the toxins that trigger neuron excitability are eliminated.

Over-rides the body’s physiological response to stress. Concentrated and focused breathing initiates the relaxation response and re-integrates the nervous system for receptivity. Pilates exercises activate and integrate all the body’s systems to bring students back into an energized, alert state.

When you do Pilates, you shift the body and brain into a homeostatic state – balancing brain chemicals, hormones, electricity and the functioning of all the body’s systems that support making healthy food choices.  Healthier food choices help with seizure control as some additives are triggers for seizures.

Pilates helps to strengthen key areas of the brain – basal ganglia, cerebellum and corpus callosum – by building brain cells and connections.

Pilates helps to improve your mental focus and concentration (Caterino and Polk, 1999) by stimulating the frontal lobe of brain – enhancing memory, creativity and academic achievement (Michael and Wild, 1991), (Brink, 1995). (Pilates Method Alliance)

Pilates is a choice activity for someone who has epilepsy because it can be done at your home to a DVD or television program.  It requires little equipment and is low-impact.  Pilates was created to evenly strengthen the entire body and improve overall posture.  Having good posture leads to better circulation and therefore better blood flow and oxygenation in your brain.  If you do happen to have a seizure during Pilates, the chances of hurting yourself are reduced because you would only come in contact with the floor assuming that you are doing mat Pilates.

Get started with Pilates today.  You can learn the basic mat Pilates exercises online.  Additionally there are some excellent demonstrations of Pilates exercises on youtube.  Check out this great youtube video on Pilates for Beginners!

An apple a day keeps the neurologist away!

I like to make sure that I am improving my health on a daily basis by doing simple things that promote a healthier lifestyle.  Today, I’m focusing on a fantastic snack that you can easily incorporate into your life – an apple.  Apples are portable, widely available, and delicious.  I’m also encouraging you to eat apples for their neuro-protective benefits.  It has been proven that apples can improve your memory and boost your brain health.

Recent studies show that apples boost your brain health.  They show that of antioxidants and flavonoids present in apples has a positive effect on reducing brain-cell inflammation and oxidation that occurs naturally due to the presence of free radicals. Apples have high levels of acetylcholine – a specific neurotransmitter that greatly influences brain signals responsible for movement and sensory perception – heighten with the regular consumption of as much as two apples a day. Not only that, but regular consumption as such was discovered to diminish accumulations of toxins in the brain, particularly one type of toxin called beta-amyloid, which is thought to be one of the main culprits that cause Alzheimer’s disease.

Apples contain high amounts of insoluble fiber and the soluble fiber pectin.  Fiber and fiber pectin soak up toxins and waste and sweeps them through the intestines. They are low-glycemic, therefore they are absorbed slowly with a gradual rise in blood sugar and insulin.  This is important for someone who has seizures because a spike or extreme dip in blood sugar has the potential to trigger a seizure. Apples contain glucaric acid, which helps the body get rid of estrogen-like chemicals and heavy metals. Heavy metals tend to create excitability in the neurons of the brain.  Eliminating heavy metals is a great way to reduce the chances of having a seizure.

Reducing inflammation and eliminating toxins are things that you want to be doing on a regular basis to eliminate seizures naturally.  Eating an apple a day for a snack or part of a meal is an easy and inexpensive way to rid your body of inflammation and toxins.  It is a simple habit to adopt as well.  Simply replace a processed snack with a healthy apple.  There are a ton of varieties to choose from.  Right now, my favorite apples to eat are organic Honeycrisp apples.  I also enjoy the tartness of a Granny Smith apple.

While, I admit, eating an apple everyday isn’t going to guarantee that you can immediately fire your neurologist.  Adopting the habit of eating a healthy snack such as an apple is a step in the right direction.  Learning more about how apples benefit your body will inspire you to consume more of them.  So, enjoy an apple today!

Improve Your Sleep and Improve Your Seizure Control

Improving your sleeping can improve your seizure control immensely.  Often what happens during sleep is that people snore or they breath through their mouth.  This lowers the body oxygen content which creates an environment in your brain which is conducive to seizures.   Since heavy breathing reduces blood supple and oxygenation of the brain, while also making nerve cells over-excited, it is sensible that epileptics are most likely to experience seizures during sleep and during the early morning hours that follow sleep.

It is essential to increase the quality of your sleep by addressing the causes of night time heavy breathing.  Two main causes of heavy breathing at night sleeping on one’s back and mouth breathing. Research reveals that the supine-sleeping position produced the worst blood oxygenation in comparison with any other body posture (Fast & Hertz, 1992; Hjalmarsen & Hykkerud, 2008; Szollosi et al, 2006; Trakada et al, 2003; Brander et al, 1993).  Therefore, as you fall asleep, you want to pay particularly close attention to what position your body is in.  The best sleeping position for body oxygenation is on your stomach or your left side.  Dr. KP Buteyko suggests that people who suffer from disease should sleep on their stomach or chest, “If patients lie down, then they must lie on their tummy. This compresses the rib cage, abdominal muscles, and the walls of the tummy, thus decreasing respiration.” (Dr. Buteyko’s lecture at the Moscow State University, 1972)

Ideally, you want to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep in the same position longer to obtain the most rest and maintain body oxygen levels through out the night.  More physical exercise improves one’s ability to sleep longer in the same position.  If you are having difficulty falling asleep, it is advisable to take a walk or exercise an hour or two before your bedtime.  This will also help improve your circulation and increase your body oxygen content.

Stop eating so close to bedtime.  Digestion creates a burden on the system and requires more oxygen from the body.  Eating prior to sleeping disturbs your ability to sleep.  It also slows down the digestive process and any waste that was going to be eliminated is now going to sit in your body longer.  Try to have your meal at least three hours before your bedtime and do not snack.  If you do have a snack in the evening, make sure that it is a light snack of fruits or vegetables.

Seizure control will improve as you start to improve your sleep quality.  Altering your lifestyle so that you sleep on your side or stomach, exercise prior to bed and avoid eating before bedtime will increase the oxygen levels that you have during sleep.  If you follow these simple guidelines and you should start to notice a reduction in seizures that occur during the morning hours and at night.

Take a Walk!

One of the best ways for you to prevent seizures and improve your memory is to simply take a walk.  Remember, I’m all about simple.  I got sick of taking my medication and searched for ways to improve my brain health naturally.  Walking is just one seizure prevention strategy that I implement that has multiple benefits.  Walking helps to circulate your blood, increases aerobic activity, increases heart rate, is gentle on the joints and can be done almost anywhere.  Walking is free, so there is no financial excuse for not taking a walk.

Walking improves your memory and if you are anything like me, your memory got really impaired while you were on anticonvulsants.  I felt like my focus was really cloudy as well.  As I implemented a program of walking, I noticed that my memory gradually started improving.  It is amazing.

Aerobic exercise has been demonstrated to help reduce the shrinkage of the hippocampus, which prevents dementia.  In a study by Arthur Kramer at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, men and women men and women, 55 to 80 years old, who were relatively inactive were assigned to participate in two different groups.  One group was given an aerobic exercise program of walking for forty minutes a day, three days a week.  The other group was given a program of stretching and yoga.

After the study ended, brain scans showed that the hippocampus had increased in size by about 2 percent among the group assigned to walking, which effectively reversed age-related loss by one to two years, while it shrank by about 1.4 percent in the group that was assigned to yoga and stretching. The exercise group also showed improved performance on a memory test and increased levels of  a protein involved in learning and memory.  The aerobic exercise-memory study appeared in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Jan. 31, 2010.

If improving your memory isn’t enough to get you walking, you may want to consider that walking also improves cardiovascular health.  Walking can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, improve blood pressure and blood sugar levels.  Walking will improve the blood lipid profile.  If you need to maintain your body weight, walking will help you do that.  Walking also enhances mental well being.  Osteoporosis, breast cancer and colon cancer risks are lowered through walking on a regular basis.  The risk of type 2 diabetes is lowered through walking as well.

It is without hesitation that I recommend that you simply take a walk!  Try to be consistent in your walks to see the benefits of doing it.   It is so simple that many people overlook it and forget about it, but it helps to improve your body’s function as a whole and that can help you to reduce your seizures.

Heavy Metal Toxicity and Seizures

One of the causes of seizures that doesn’t get addressed in doctor’s visits is that of heavy metal toxicity and seizures.  In today’s society it is easier than you would imagine to get an overdose of heavy metals.   Our bodies can absorb heavy metals through toxic waste, lead pipes, specific work environments and contaminated food and water supplies.  An overexposure of toxic metals may very well be the cause of your seizures.

Since seizures are a sign of heavy metal toxicity, it would seem obvious that doctors should test for levels of heavy metals in the body, but the neurologists that I went to never did.  Over 24 years, I saw seven different neurologists and none of them mentioned heavy metals as a possible cause of seizures.  It may be that the medical community doesn’t recognize heavy metal toxicity as a cause of chronic seizures.


Dr. Hayden Case works with patients who have epilepsy and has discovered that often eliminating heavy metals will reduce seizures.

“From a Complementary and Alternative standpoint, I often find that patients with epilepsy are able to reduce the frequency of their seizure activity through dietary modifications and removing heavy metals from the body.  Certain food intolerances such as gluten (wheat, barley, rye, etc) casein (dairy), corn, or soy can be a major “triggers” for patients with epilepsy.

Heavy metal toxicity can induce a myriad of problems in our bodies, from epilepsy, to infertility, dementia, autoimmune diseases, and more.  Once of the most common ways that we experience heavy metal toxicity is through our teeth.  Mercury fillings, gold crowns, and other metals that are placed in our mouth have the ability to “leak” into our bodies and accumulate in various organs, including the brain.  The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology has a video in regards to the effects of metal toxicity in our bodies.  Click HERE to view it.”

One of the main things that I did as I was coming off my medication was detoxing my body.  I bought a few whole body cleanses from Amazon as well as a far infrared sauna and started sweating out toxins.  Then I discovered the powerful healing that comes from a clay detox.  It is a very gentle way to detoxify the body.

Dr. Carolyn Dean, MD ND, recommends LL magnetic clay baths as well for settling seizures.  Clay baths may seem very simple.   However, they are very powerful because every pore on your skin is in contact with the clay in your bath. The clay absorbs toxins from your body through your skin. Clay can remove heavy metals, chemicals and drugs.  Eliminating the toxins that trigger seizures will ultimately help you to eliminate the need for medication.

Bentonite is a gentle method of detoxifying the body of the heavy metals that may be triggering your seizures.  For more information on why Bentonite clay detoxification methods are helpful, check out this website –

Clay Detox Baths for Reducing Seizure Activity

I read a lot of information about natural protocols for healing and clay is one that really intrigues me. First and foremost, it is simple and inexpensive. Buying a bag of Bentonite clay costs less than any anticonvulsant prescription I’ve ever had. Second, it is all natural. The clay comes from the earth. Third, it is preventative. Clay has a negative electrical charge that helps draw the positive electrical charged toxins out of your body.

Why clay? I actually stumbled upon this alternative healing method in Kevin Trudeau’s book, Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About. The problem with his natural cures book is that there were too many of them. I tried to implement a bunch of them without knowing which ones would give me the biggest bang for my buck. I ordered the clay bath, but initially I didn’t understand why or how they would help. It wasn’t until recently when I read an article about healing salt rooms that I remembered the clay and decided to read up more on clay. I was impressed enough to include it on my blog!

Clay plays two important roles in your healing regimen. It helps the body detoxify which reduces the stress on your liver (which was being damaged by anticonvulsants). Clay also contains minerals that are low in the majority of people with epilepsy. It has magnesium, calcium, sodium and depending on where it has been sourced a variety of other elements that your body can use. Magnesium is calming to the nervous system. Ensuring that you have enough in your body will reduce the muscle spasms that you have as well as the number of myoclonic epilepsy jerks.

A home clay bath is relatively inexpensive. If you are comparing a clay spa treatment, a bath at home with a cup of clay will run you about $4. I tend to take more frequent baths with half a cup of clay. If you compare the cost of clay to the cost of medicine, it is less expensive and you get a higher quality of life. Your body starts to function better and you will start to notice fewer side effects from the natural clay.

When I first started eliminating my seizure medication, I was doing the breathing techniques from the website. They are great, but the author of the site also mentioned Earthing, or connecting to the earth with your body, as a way to balance the electrical charges in your body. Walking barefoot is an easy thing to do, but not practical in the winter. Clay baths are a way to prevent seizures by balancing the positive electrical charges in your body with the negative charges in clay. It may be simply a crazy theory, but I’ve been taking a clay bath daily for the last month and my skin feels incredibly smooth and I feel energized when I get out.

I highly recommend checking out LL magnetic clay baths and starting your own detox. It could be the single variable that you need to eliminate seizures from your life. I do recommend improving your health as much as possible through a variety of techniques so the seizures stay at bay.

Clay can also be used internally. I take some capsules to clean out my colon and get extra minerals. I take the Redmond Clay capsules. Some people even use clay to remineralize their teeth and brush with it. I’m not there yet, but I just may try that soon!

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