Where to Find Copywriting Clients

Copywriting is an excellent way for a writer to support themselves. Sales and marketing generate revenue for businesses and that is very valuable to the business. Therefore, if you have excellent copywriting skills, you will be valuable to a business.

But where do you start finding copywriting clients?

I’ve been a professional blogger for sometime and I will share some great resources to find writing jobs. I tapped into the knowledge of other copywriters and the expertise of Google to discover some of these other ideas.

Start-Up Companies

Angellist.com is a great resource for start-ups looking for professional freelance talent. They have a job board where you can connect and network with clients.

Some start-up companies are well funded. If you filter out for companies that are Series A, you will likely have companies that have enough money to pay you. That is very important.

One great reason to target start-up companies is because there is less competition. For example, Amazon gets thousands of applications for each job. However, a start-up company that relatively few people know about is more likely to take a chance on a new copywriter that doesn’t have a huge record behind them.

Position Yourself in front of Dream Clients

This idea comes from Copyhackers. However, it was a great idea, so I decided to include it. It does take a bit more work.

Get published (guest post) in places that your dream client readers. This will get your name and work in front of them. Repeated exposure to your name, face and excellent content over time will demonstrate that you’re really good at what you do. When they need to hire a freelancer, they’ll think of you.

To discover where your clients are reading, examine the social media accounts of editors at the company. See where the content they are sharing is coming from. Study what is making their articles shareable and figure out why they like them.

Network with Other Freelancers

Many times when a freelancer gets really great at what he does, he becomes inundated with work and will have to refer the client to a friend. Therefore, it is wise to make friends with other freelancers. This is one reason that I participate in the AWAI community and the Wealthy Affiliate community.

Freelancing friends help to stave off the loneliness on the days when you miss your co-workers. It also benefits you to have go-to sources when you’re too busy or to slow.

Simply ask your network, “Does anyone need help with projects right now? Things are a bit slow.”

According to Freelancers Union :

  • 81% of freelancers refer work to other freelancers
  • 52% of freelancers team up on projects

  • 37% of freelancers barter services with other freelancers

Industry Events

Get in front of your targeted companies, whether they are SaaS companies, eCommerce brands or travel companies. Every industry tends to hold industry specific events. Go to some of these events.

At events, you may get face time with some of the most desirable clients. The event may not be targeted to you, but that isn’t the point. You’re networking for your next copywriting job. Your goal is to chat and connect with the most ideal clients.

First you should determine what type of client that you want to work with. Next you need to find the events. Some great places that post events include:


Referrals are the lifeblood of many businesses and copywriting is no exception. You should be requesting referrals from your network on a regular basis. Some tips for referral requests:

  1. Create an automated referral request template so you don’t have to rewrite it each time.
  2. Within the body of the email, thank them for their business and remind them that your business depends on referrals and recommendations.
  3. Incentivize referrals through rewards or a future discount.

Create a Niche-Specific Sample

If you are really stuck for getting a client, go to an ideal client’s website and create a marketing piece that they can use. This is known as a spec. You can give it to them with the understanding that if they use it, they will pay you for it. This demonstrates that you take initiative and know their industry.

One of the main reasons that I landed my first professional blogging job was because I took the initiative to put together some potential content ideas for the client.

Business Networking Events

Local business owners often meet up for networking events and referral groups. Whether it is Business Networking International or the Local Chamber luncheon, there are many weekly meetings of business owners looking to refer their friends and family members in exchange for referrals to their business.

These groups will often have requirements to consistently meet and make referrals. There is often a cost that is associated with the event in order to cover the cost of the meeting rooms and luncheon or refreshments.

Create a Website

When you are very new in the industry and just getting your name known, it is great to have a website to showcase some of your writing skills and ideas. That is exactly what I am doing with my website. When I approach a client, I can refer them to my website.

Another advantage of creating a website is that you can start earning money with it. Your recommendations can also generate money if you are using referral links.

Friends and Family

Tell everyone that you know that you are freelancing and looking for copywriting jobs. Many of them may not initially know of any copywriting gigs, but telling everyone primes them to refer you when they do hear about writing jobs.

You should be specific about what industry that you want to work for, what type of copywriting you are doing whether it is newsletters, email, or direct sales letters.

Businesses You Patronize

This idea comes from MakeaLivingWriting. It isn’t one that I currently focus on, but it is great.

As you go throughout you day, you probably interact with many small businesses. These businesses need writers to create their newsletters, email promotions, blogs and direct sales letters. As you go to your local chiropractor, gym or dentist, you may want to let them know that you are open for business.

Some businesses will even do a barter deal for writing to help you get some experience under your belt. So, even if they say they don’t have a budget for your services, you could barter with them in exchange for their services.


Linkedin is a great place for networking with potential clients. There are groups that are industry specific, so if you are targeting an industry, participating in these groups can be a great idea.

LinkedIn also has job listings which can be a good place to get some leads.

A keyword rich LinkedIn profile can also attract potential clients that you may want to work with in the future. Make sure that you list some of the industry specific keywords and the particular type of content that you are willing to create.

So, get started with freelance copywriting. Test out which of these methods will work best for you and your personality!

What is your favorite method of getting clients?


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