How To Learn SEO for Beginners

 Search engine optimization can make or break you online. If the search engines love your website, you’ll get lots of free traffic. If you’ve chosen to optimize your posts for the wrong words, you’ll be buried under the competition. Believe me, I wrote a whole book and neglected to optimize the title for an appropriate keyword. Another book I wrote, I used keyword optimization and it sells effortlessly. The same is true for blog posts and website pages. The great news is there are many free methods to learn SEO for beginners! It simply requires a bit of time and effort on your part! 

Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership

Wealthy affiliate is a network of affiliate marketers who are interested in making money on the internet. They stay on top of the latest research and techniques for affiliate marketing. One of the techniques that is heavily promoted in their network is the use of search engine optimization. 

A wealthy affiliate free membership can get you unlimited access to the premium content for seven days. After that, you have limited access to their content, but still are able to learn the basics. A great strategy for someone on a shoestring budget would be to join and go through as much of the training and ask as many questions as possible for the first seven days. You may discover all that you need to know in those days. 

Low Competition and High Search Volume 

When it comes to search engine optimization, you want to discover keywords to optimize your website for that have an inverse relationship of low competition and high search volume. Some keyword tools will be more effective than others. My personal favorite is the Jaaxy keyword tool. 

This is especially crucial for beginners. There are people with websites that have been around for years. Knocking them out of the top results in Google or Bing is going to be difficult. You want to be very specific when doing keyword research. You don’t want to be on the second page of Google. Very few people even look past the first three search engine results, let alone on the second page! 

Keyword Placement

Search engines do want to see your keyword in the title. They are interested in displaying the most relevant results. Often this means having the keyword in the title of your article or blog post. Having the keyword in your first paragraph can indicate to search engines that this post is related to whatever keyword you have selected. 

It used to be that you wanted to hit a certain number of times the keyword was being used in the article or blog post, but people started to stuff their content with keywords. Search engine algorithms have changed a bit to avoid content that has simply been stuffed with keywords. Now, search engines are favoring content that looks like it was written naturally. You can write your article as though you are speaking to someone or explaining something. 

Visit Marketing Blogs

Lots of online marketers are writing information on search engine optimization. Visit their website and read some of their content. Another great tip is to sign up for their email lists. Often internet marketers are giving away ebooks with information on SEO secrets. You can pick up a copy just by signing up for their email list. This can get you some hot tips and tricks on how to improve your online marketing skills and boost your SEO ranking without spending your own money on it. 

Pay attention to the first few websites that show up when you are googling keywords. Are they using a keyword in the title? Is the article over 1000 words? Is it really relevant to the keywords that you searched for? As you pay attention to the websites that are showing up in Google, you’ll start to notice some common themes. You’ll start to pick up on how other people are using SEO for their websites. Keep in mind that if they are showing up on the first page of Google’s results, they are doing their SEO correctly! 


I’m a fan of visiting YouTube and getting ideas from other marketers who are making videos online. One reason I love doing that so much is that I work out on a treadmill desk and it entertains me as I jog sometimes. YouTube is one big search engine in and of itself. The concepts of SEO apply to every video that is displayed on YouTube. Not only will you discover people who are sharing their own personal experiences and knowledge on YouTube about SEO, but you’ll be able to pick up tips on improving your rankings in Google from other online marketers in the business. 

Be careful as you research other marketer’s content. They are often trying to sell you more things. Make a note of the sales tips and tricks that are working on you and making you want to buy their product, but set your money aside as you do competition research or you will go broke! 


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  1. Hi there,
    Thanks for this insightful writing, i highly appreciate getting the information in one place and i have been looking for something like this, i believe it is my time now to optimize my website to please the search engine see if I can get some free traffic, one question though is there any where I can get all tips of seo in one place

    1. Everyone is coming up with new tips all the time. I would definitely join Wealthy Affiliate and have access to the latest trends when they come out. 

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