How to Get A Writing Job Online That Pays

When I started to implement writing as a career, I didn’t have the best writing talent. I didn’t mind writing, but there were plenty of people that were much better at it than myself. Additionally, I hadn’t studied marketing, and therefore thought that meant I shouldn’t be creating advertisements. However, after taking a few online courses and writing a couple books, I learned how to get a writing job that pays. This is important for anyone who wants to become an affiliate marketer. It will help to keep you afloat while you figure out your niche and build up your website.

Act As If…

This advice is going to come as a shock to you, but I got it from two online course leaders. Act as if you are the expert. Act as if you already have the job. When you come across a writing job that interests you, act as though you already have the position.

When you apply for the position, make recommendations for future content, include search engine optimization topics that may go along with the website. You should also send in a sample of your writing that is exactly in the niche that you want to write in. This will show employers that you are adept at writing content in the area that they are looking for.

Apply To Many Jobs

As a freelance writer, you don’t have as much job security as the person who is working for the government. You may discover tomorrow that your company is going out of business. Therefore, you want to make sure that you apply to jobs on a consistent basis. This will give you the ability to select from many options.

Consistently applying to jobs also improves your writing skills and abilities. It gives you a huge portfolio that you can draw from when you are looking at new positions that you want to try out.

A good rule of thumb is to apply to 1-2 jobs per day if you are happy with the amount of work that you currently have. This will give you the option of working more when you want or changing positions and charging more for your work as you get better and more professional.

Marketing and Content Creation

When looking on job boards, you should search for content creators or marketing positions. These positions often require writing sales copy or blog content. They are often looking for new content on a continual basis. Therefore, it is an ideal position for a freelance writer.

As a writer, it should be easy enough to come up with informative blog posts that relate to company products. You can write about how to use products, when they can solve problems and how to resolve issues. Blog posts can target certain niches that have unique problems like the restaurant industry. Insiders in the industry can share tips. There are plenty of ideas for blog content in every niche.

Email marketing is another area that writers can tap into to earn money. Email marketing requires quite a bit more sales psychology than blog posts, but it can be much more lucrative for companies. This means that writers of email sales copy can potentially earn even more.

Offer To Guest Post

Business owners like to see people who are action takers. One strategy to landing a writing job that has worked for me in the past is to offer to do a guest post trial blog post. This allows them to see what your writing style is like and if you turn in assignments on time and whether your writing style fits their target market.

It is important to note that some websites will pay you for your trial pieces and some won’t. Don’t let it discourage you if they want to give you a trial without pay. It could still turn into a great position where you are paid consistently each month. There have been some companies that have asked me to write a test piece and promised payment, but they never ended up paying. You can’t tell from the outset sometimes.


There are lots of writing jobs available. As more and more companies start doing business online, there are even more opportunities for writers that know Search Engine Optimization. Every company needs content on their website to let Google know what their company is about and to attract customers. Therefore, if you master content marketing, you should always be able to find a writing job.


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